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Neverwinter Nights - The Bard's Tale

Brought to you by Joseph Laurenti and Steven Genova

Hail and welcome friend! This website is dedicated to that mid 80's craze...The Bard's Tale. More specifically to the Neverwinter Nights module my friend and I are working on. It is loosely based mind you so you may not see quite everything the same. For the most part though anything you can think of that was in the original three games you'll find here. We've taken some creative license as there's a few things you may not have seen in the originals that you might stumble across here. For example ... there is mention in the clue book of Skara Brae's sister city Hamelon, however, there is no talk of this Hamelon in the games. Also at the end of The Destiny Knight a place called the Castle of Candarr is cited, and yet mention in the sequel to that game,The Thief of Fate. These places may very well show up in our online mod.

There are also links to other pages that have interesting facts on the series as well as music files, cheats, downloadables, and maps regarding the games. I have attached almost every map you should need to this website. However, should you find the information on this page lacking. The links should be able to fill in the gaps.

Also...we have meshed all three games together so there would be a much broader world in which to explore and adventure. There are forums up on bioware's site so that players may post game related messages to one another and to us. There is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you directly to the forums, however, you need a bioware account. It will prompt you for your account info but once you give that you should be at the forums main page. I have also posted both my email and Steve's at the bottom of this page so that you may get in touch with us sooner if need be.

Another note. We will not be making the other planes of existence as found in the 3rd installment of The Bard's Tale - The Thief of Fate. What we did is flesh out the areas like Shadow Rock, The Old Dwarf Mine, Sulphur Springs, etc, and make them actual areas. Feel like you can tackle Brilhasti? Perhaps your itchin for a chance to take on Mangar? Or just maybe your crazy enough to try and battle the mad god himself ... Tarjan. Well ... Good luck my friends and enjoy! Come inside ... reforge the Destiny Wand ... become a power unto your own and destroy the mad god Tarjan before it is too late!

As of June 16th, 2008 this project has fallen through. We are no longer working on this module as an adaptation for NWN2 or any other platform. I will leave this website up, however, for the information it contains in that it might be useful for people looking for Bard's Tale information. Please check back in the future for any changes that might cause us to pick up this effort once again.

Some websites for information regarding the original Bard's Tale and subsequent games - The Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate

The Bard's Tale Compendium

The Bard's Tale Webring

The Bard's Tale Clue Book

Maps of The Bard's Tale Series

Please note: Not all of these maps will be used in the online game. I just thought since I was posting some of them...might as well post all of them.

PLEASE. If you wish to use these maps or download them be my guest. DO NOT HOTLINK. If you repost them on your own website be sure to give the credit to Rob Huston (see below)

The following highly detailed maps were created by Rob Huston (with some help from Warren Ayers).

Misc Maps

Wine Cellar

Sewers I

Sewers II

Sewers III

Skara Brae Wilderness

Catacombs I

Catacombs II

Catacombs III

Harkyn's Castle I

Harkyn's Castle II

Harkyn's Castle III

Kylearan's Tower

Mangar's Tower I

Mangar's Tower II

Mangar's Tower III

Mangar's Tower IV

Mangar's Tower V


Skara Brae





Wilderness of the 6 cities




Tombs I

Tombs II

Tombs III

Fanskar's Fortress

Dargoth's Tower I

Dargoth's Tower II

Dargoth's Tower III

Dargoth's Tower IV

Skara Brae


Catacombs I

Catacombs II

Unter Brae I

Unter Brae II

Unter Brae III



Cierra Brannia

Crystal Palace

Valarian's Tower I

Valarian's Tower II

Valarian's Tower III

Valarian's Tower IV

Festering Pit I

Festering Pit II


Ice Keep I

Ice Keep II

White Tower I

White Tower II

White Tower III

White Tower IV

Grey Tower I

Grey Tower II

Grey Tower III

Grey Tower IV

The maps on this page are copyright © 1987 Rob Huston. If you use them elsewhere, be sure to give him credit and include this notice.

This is the Overland Map that I have created to help players navigate between areas. Enjoy.

Overland Map

Steven Genova - Mod Creator, Lead Builder, Lead DM, and Forums Moderator

Joseph Laurenti - Co-creator, Builder, DM, Forums Moderator, and Webmaster.

Contact: For Steven

Contact: For Joseph

To visit my personal page ... click -----> Lord Garin's Renaissance Site

Last updated: December 2, 2010

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