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Lord Garin's Renaissance Page

Hail and well met traveller! Welcome to my site. My name is Garin. A ranger and woodsman to the area. I will be your guide through these few pages of information and visuals that encompass everything from Renaissance Festivals to Weapons and Armor. As well as games based on role-playing. I hope your visit here is an enjoyable one...please stay as long as you wish.

My duties as a ranger do keep me busy. For this I rarely enterain visitors, or even venture outside the confines of the wildlands very often. I have been known to make an exception to frequent the Renaissance Festivals with my good friends Kaylen, Ghe'son, Illeanna, Makala, and Sergei when each has the time and is able. Kaylen is the most frequent but it depends on when he is in port and ready to go wenchin! Yet...alas, that is a different story. So please ... come ... sit ... stay awhile.

Please follow me through the door so you may view the following pages in relevant comfort and get out of this dreadful snow...

My Site Regarding a Module I am building based on the Bard's Tale games of the late 80's utilizing the Neverwinter Nights 2 Electron Toolset being created by Obsidian and released September 2007.

My Myspace Site.

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Most gifs and jpgs provided by... Gaelic Girl's Gif's

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