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HM King Umberto II is seen in this dazzling picture, made at the Castle of Altshausen, home of the Royal Family of Württemberg. The picture was made on the 21st July 1960, the day of the religious wedding of HRH Duke Carl von Württemberg, son of HRH The Duke of Württemberg and HIRH Archduchess Rosa of Austriahungary and present head of the House, to HRH Princess Diane of France, daughter of Monseigneur Le Comte and Madame La Comtesse of Paris. On the left it is possible to see Monseigneur, while his daughter and her splendid dress and veil dominate the centre of the picture, with Duke Carl in the background.

Later in 1960, the wedding of Queen Maria José’s nephew, HM The King of the Belgians, to Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragón was held in Brussels in the midst of a dramatic splendour and unforgettable magnificence. The whole Italian Royal Family was present and the elegance and beauty of both the Queen and the Princesses was tremendously remarked. During the second gala held, offered by the Government of the Kingdom at the Museum of the Cinquantenaire, Queen Maria José did not, unlike her daughters, wear a diadem, but wore her two splendid diamond and sapphire necklaces.

Less than two years later, the gathering was in Greece and again the Savoy ladies captured much of the attention, in one of the most magnificent weddings ever held, with several galas and celebrations. HRH Princess Sofia of Greece, daughter of TM The King and Queen of Greece, Paul I and Frederika, married HRH The Prince of the Asturias, Juan Carlos, son of TRH The Count and Countess of Barcelona. Here TM King Umberto and Queen Maria José are seen attending one of the glittering receptions. The King wears the Collar of the Santissima Annunziata along with the Spanish Golden Fleece.

A most remarkable picture of Queen Maria José and three of her children, the ones that remained unmarried. Behind her, on the left, HRH Princess Maria Beatrice of Italy; on the right HRH Princess Maria Gabriella and HRH The Prince of Naples, Vittorio Emanuele. The Queen wears the amazing Musy diamond and pearl diadem.

The Italian Princesses that captured most of the eyes during the celebrations of the wedding of the future King and Queen of Spain, Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia. On the left, the two younger daughters of King Umberto and Queen Maria José are seen arriving at the first reception held in honour of the bridal couple. On the right, a closeup of HRH Princess Maria Gabriella, wearing the superb diamond and pearl diadem created for her on the orders of King Umberto, after various jewels on the King’s possession were broken for the effect.

Scenes of glitter and splendour at the hotel of Athens where the royal guests stood during the wedding celebrations. Left, HRH The Prince of Naples going through the many people standing in the main hall of the hotel; right, the King and Queen leaving the elevator.

The two Princesses leaving the elevator at the hotel. Princess Maria Beatrice curiously wore a diadem from the Savoy-Aosta branch of the Italian Royal Family, probably the property of HRH The Dowager-Duchess Anne of Aosta, born Princess Anne of France, great-aunt of the present Duke of Aosta, Amedeo. The tiara was worn by Duchess Anne and also by her daughter, Princess Margherita (who wore it for instance at the wedding gala of King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola), who later became HIRH Archduchess Robert of Austria-Este. The tiara is now worn by HIRH Archduchess Lorenz of Austria-Este, born Princess Astrid of Belgium. On the right, the King and Queen leaving the hotel for the reception.

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