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Another most glittering occasion in the Italian Royal Family happened in 1964, in the lower branch of the House, when HRH The Duke of Aosta, Amedeo, married HRH Princess Claude of France, daughter of Monseigneur Le Comte and Madame La Comtesse of Paris. Duke Amedeo was the son of HRH Duke Aimone of Aosta and HRH Duchess Irene of Aosta, born Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark. His father had been designated King of Croatia but never reigned, dying in 1948, when his only son, henceforth Duke of Aosta, was only 5 years old. This dazzling picture shows HRH Princess Claude in her magnificent wedding dress.

Madame La Comtesse of Paris is accompanied by HM King Umberto II to the church of the beautiful town of Sintra where the royal wedding was held. King Umberto was rather close to the Duke of Aosta, who, despite being a relatively distant cousin, was then the second in line to succeed him as Head of the House of Savoy and is today the third, after HRH The Duke of Savoy and Prince of Naples and HRH The Prince of Venice and Piemonte.

Left, HRH The Duke of Aosta is accompanied by his mother, HRH The Duchess Irene of Aosta, born Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark, to the church of Sintra where is wedding to HRH Princess Claude of France, seen smiling on the right, was to be held.

A splendid view from the back of the Church of Saint Peter in Sintra, during the mass of the wedding of HRH The Duke of Aosta and HRH Princess Claude of France. As the wedding took place, thousands gathered outside the small church to cheer the couple and the royal guests, the wedding having captured the popular imagination and being held in great solemnity and brilliance.

The royal couple kneeling during their wedding ceremony. Below, the exchange of rings. In these pictures it is possible to see the wonderful way in which the magnificent Savoy-Aosta tiara was placed on the bride’s hair. The base of the diamond tiara consists of Savoy knots, from which five big diamond stars rise. Although the tiara is very similar to the one once created by Musy for Duchess Elena of Aosta, born Princess of France and grandmother of the present Duke of Aosta, closer and more careful examination shows that either the tiara was redesigned or it is a different jewel.

Another moment of the wedding ceremony. HRH The Duke of Aosta, then second in line to the Headship of the House of Savoy, wears the Collar and Star of the Santissima Annunziata over his impeccable white uniform.

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