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The large crowd in front of the Quirinale while TRH The Prince and Princess of Piemonte appear on the balcony, with the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul on each side, where Popes used to give their Urbi et Orbi Benediction.

A stunning sight as the Prince and the new Princess of Piemonte leave the Quirinale after their wedding ceremony. Unlike on the occasion of his elder sistersí weddings, the wedding of Umberto was only religious, following the agreement on the issue between the Italian State and the Holy See, signed the year before. The ceremony, conducted by the Cardinal-Archbishop of Pisa, was held in the most splendid Cappella Paolina, built with the same size of the Cappella Sistina of the Vatican and used during the time the Popes lived at the Quirinale as a place where Consistories were held and other grand ceremonies such as the funerals of Popes. Over her dress, Princess Maria Josť wore a long robe bordered with ermine.

The Prince and Princess at the Vatican, waiting for their audience with Pope Pius XI. It is possible to see the diamond and pearl diadem worn by Princess Maria Josť, the splendid jewel created by Musy for Queen Margherita to celebrate the birth of Prince Umberto. This would become a favourite jewel of Princess Maria Josť who wore it throughout her life. The magnificent veil in Bruges lace was held in place by the diadem.

HRH Princess Maria Josť wearing the diamond and pearl diadem she inherited from Empress Charlotte of Mexico as a bandeau. The diadem was altered with a further part added in the back so that the Princess could wear it in the front as it was fashionable in the 1920ís. The Princess wears the pearl necklace that was her engagement present from Prince Umberto and came from the collection of Queen Margherita.

A most regal picture of the Princess of Piemonte, in Court dress and train, wearing the Musy diadem created for Queen Margherita in one of its possible forms, without the diamond arches.

Another most glittering picture of the Princess of Piemonte, now wearing a wonderful diamond bandeau, possibly the one the Princess wore at the gala held in the Quirinale two days before her wedding.

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