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A second Italian royal wedding in 1930. HRH Princess Giovanna of Italy, forth child of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena, married HM King Boris III of the Bulgarians and became Queen of the Bulgarians. The wedding took place in Assisi in the magnificent and historical Basilica of San Francesco. The King of the Bulgarians, eldest son of ex-Tsar Ferdinand, had become King in 1918 following the abdication of his father and was 36 years old when he married the Italian Princess, herself only 22 years old. Although grand, the ceremony of Princess Giovanna’s wedding was perhaps not as splendid as the one of her siblings, because King Boris was an Orthodox what meant, for instance, that no cardinal was in charge of the celebration.

The cortege leaving the Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi, following the new royal couple, TM The King and Queen of the Bulgarians. In front of the cortege, HM Queen Elena of Italy and HM ex-Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria, followed by HM King Vittorio Emanuele III and the HRH The Duchess of Aosta. Among the witnesses of the wedding were HRH The Prince of Piemonte, Count Calvi di Bergolo, HRH Prince Kyril of Bulgaria and HRH Duke Albrecht of Württemberg, husband of King Boris’ younger sister.

A most regal picture HM The Queen of the Bulgarians during the celebration of her wedding in Assisi in the Villa Costanzi. Queen Giovanna wore a simple white satin dress, with a high neck and long sleeves. On her head she wore a magnificent veil of ivory tinted Venetian lace, a gift from Queen Elena. During the wedding ceremony the Princess wore only orange blossom holding her veil but for the celebration she wore the splendid Köchert tiara in the fleur-de-lys motif, combining the colours of the Bulgarian flag in the stones used: diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Another glittering picture of HRH The Princess of Piemonte, born Princess Maria José of Belgium. The beautiful Princess wears the Musy diamond and pearl tiara that she wore for the first time on her wedding day. The earrings and the necklace were ordered by the Prince of Piemonte for his bride at the jeweller Chiappe and were a wedding present for his bride.

A loving couple in 1934, the happy years of their marriage before the start of the Second World War.

The wedding of the youngest daughter of the Italian royal couple, HRH Princess Maria of Italy, with HRH Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parme, in January 1939.

A most impressive sight as TRH The Prince and Princess of Piemonte arrive at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican for the Coronation of His Holiness Pope Pius XII, in December 1939. The Princess wore a magnificent white dress with a long train and a white lace veil, held in place by the Musy diamond and pearl tiara. TM The King and Queen of Italy were also present at the Coronation.

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