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Conrads' Home

My Life has been a roller coaster ride and I have had a bunch of fun! Thank you to all my family and friends for making my life so GREAT! I have a wife and two kids. My wifes name is Sonja, my oldest sons name is Tristen and my youngest son is Tyler.

Tristen is 7 and Tyler is 6 and they are growing so fast that I cannot believe my eyes! They love to swim and ride their bikes. It seems that time with them is getting harder and harder to come by as they get older.

Sonja is going to school to become a paralegal and is doing great. Keeping a High GPA seems to be an easy thing for her :) I am currently enrolled at T.S.T.C. in Brownwood Texas getting my degree in Computer Network Systems with a Cisco specialty. There is so much to learn, sometimes I don't know what I want to learn the most about! I want to say hi to Carl, all my folks at home, and of course all my friends.