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Chris On SNL

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The oldest and most well known of Chris's characters. Mango is an erotic male dancer who is found irresistable by pretty much everyone. Each time he encounteres new celebrities and they ask him his name: "My name,

is Mango!" and they at once fall for him. The funny thing is, Mango is not gay, they all assume he is. So the skits are basically the male celebrities trying their hardest to "have" Mango and get him to like them. But it always ends the same: "You cannot have-a the Mango!"
Celebreties that fell for him:
Brendan Fraser
Samuel L. Jackson
Garth Brooks
David Duchovny
John Goodman
David Spade
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Tim Meadows
Ben Affleck

Suel Forrester:

This is the infamous gibberish guy of SNL. Suel Forrester is a goofy looking guy with glasses who goes around to different occupations and jobs and works them, using his oddball language that can only be classified as gibberish.

No one can understand him and always get upset with him. But it always ends with Forresters success.
"Forrester Hits It Big!" Newspaper article

Mr. Peepers

This strange character os Chris' is a half man half monkey, who loves apples. Mr. Peepers is a creature caught right in the middle of evolution.

The scientists are always carrying him to different locations, for some...reason. He loves apples but nev er swollows them, and can't hold himself back when something is begging to be humped. He hasd halartious antics and it will keep you in tears just watching him.

Roxbury Guys

These ever famous club hoppers are known as the Roxbury Guys. Loved by people who didn't know Chris Kattan's name, the Roxbury Guys kept everyone laughing with their symotanious head bobbing to the dance song: What Is Love? These two club wannabes (Chris and Will Ferril) waste their night away by travelling club to club, bobbing their heads and getting kicked out of each one.

Every now and then, they will bring in a guest star to groove to What Is Love? along with them. Once it became famous enough, Chris and Will killed the characters and created the motion picture, A Night At The Roxbury (see Films). The Roxbury Guys are so famous that the official Saturday Night Live Site has a special section just about them.
Guest stars in Roxbury Skits:
Jim Carrey
Martin Short
Alec Baldwin
Tom Hanks
Sylvester Stallone
Jack Nicholson
Cameron Diaz
Helen Hunt
Pamela Lee
Dan Aykroyd
Steve Martin