Chris's Films

A Night At The Roxbury

This film was made in 99. It is a spin off move from the SNL skit in which Chris and Will Ferril would play characters that would go to club parties, listen to What Is Love and bob their heads.

The movie is similar but has more of a plot. Steve and Doug Butabi are two brothers (The Roxbury Guys) who try laborously hard to get their own night club. When they run into rich business man Mr. Zadir, their chance arrives at last. A highly suggest this Cris Kattan movie.
Note: Chris and Will both helped write the script.

Monkey Bone

Chris Kattan is not the main character in this movie, that would be Brendan Fraser. Chris plays a undead zombie gymnast who can't seem to keep hold of his organs or his head, or any part of him for that matter. He is only one of the many nightmares Brendan Fraser's character encounters when he is sent into a coma along with his cartoon creation Monkeybone.

They enter a hellish world where many things can happen and they must escape. Monkeybone helps him along, and soon betrays him, eventually consuming his body. If you want to know the rest, rent this Chris Kattan film today!

House On Haunted Hill

I can't say much about this Chris Kattan film, I haven't seen it. It prefer Chris in comedies, but if you like Chris and you like horror flicks, deffinetely see House On Haunted Hill.

Chris plays Watson Pritchett, one of the six people who were offered $1,000,000 each if they could stay in a haunted mansion for one night. Don't ask me what happens, all I know is, it is gory, scary and thrilling! It's Chris like you've never seen him before!

Corky Romano

My all time favorite. In this halarious motion picture, Chris is the youngest son of three in a family of hit men sort of folk. But he has nothing to do with that occupation, in fact he's a veteranarian!

Forgiving, loving Corky is summoned by his father one day to infulltrate the FBI in order to find and destroy some files on the Romanos that tell lies about their wrong doing. As he goes along, Corky finds himself in the strangest of situations where he finds comically insane ways to get himself out each time. This film will keep you in tears and I recommend it above any other.