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Great Southern Land




Welcome! This is the site to find original Australian songs for you to use in your worship of

the God of our Great Southern Land! God bless you!

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2008 New Album!

2006 Australian Gospel Music Songwriting Award

Finalist Best Children's Gospel Song - Birds and Bees - Barbara Tipper (lyrics) & Ng Wah Lok (music)

What the judges said: "Marvellous concept & very well presented.  I hear it on TV already!  Congratulations!"

2004 Australian Gospel Music Songwriting Award

Winner Best Hymn Gospel Song - Harvest Of The Field - Barbara Tipper (lyrics) & Ng Wah Lok (music)

(See: Australian Gospel Music Awards)

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Extract from Great Southern Land, by Barbara Tipper  © 2002

  Music by Benjamin Thorn © 2006


Great Southern Land

Only when Australia

is under command

Of the Almighty Saviour:

weíre a Great Southern Land



Bless harvests and children,

may hearts turn to You.

May Christ be our centre, our rock, Uluru.

May every knee bow and may every hand raise

this Great Southern Land

as a great nation of praise

Extract from Thatís what Aussie Kids are Praising You for, by Barbara Tipper  © 2002


You made Australia so ancient and vast

Sprinkled it liberally with diamonds and pearls

From the beginning and until the very last

You are Father of mums and dads, boys and girls

You created the earth

Yet had a hand in my birth

Thatís what Aussie kids are praising you for


Aussie kids for Jesus

Father God and Holy Spirit

Aussie kids for Jesus

In a great southern land of worship

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Great Southern Land


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