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Great Southern Land


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Lyrics by Barbara Tipper

Music by Ng Wah Lok

All rights reserved © 2002.


Birds and Bees

As featured on the album Favoured Chick.

Encore sheet music.


Intro: G C D C


G                        C

Dragonflies and caterpillars  

        D                        C

May give praise to our God

G                         C

Even frogs (mosquito killers)  

         D                          G      D

They give the Lord the nod...Yes!  (Yes! shouted)



Rocks and trees and birds and bees

May give praise to our God

Raising hands and bending knees

They give the Lord the nod... Yes!



         G                     C

         All of creation joins to sing

          D                          C

           Exalt our creator, God and King  

         G                                  C

           We’re not just here for listening

                 D                       C

           Let’s join the crowd, praise aloud! (praise aloud! shouted) 

         G                       C                   D

 Our God is great, Our God is great

C      G               C    D  

 Yes! God is great. Aha!

            G     C    D

 God is great, O Yes!

C         G     C   D   C

 God is great


Accountants, actors and acrobats

May give praise to God

To zoologists in jungle hats

We give the Lord the nod... Yes!



Birds and bees and butterflies

May give praise to our God

Birds and bees of every size

They give the Lord the nod... Yes!



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Great Southern Land



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