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Elven Eyes is the web's best fan-site for Legolas Greenleaf, the Elf from Tolkien's realm of Middle-earth. Well, actually it's more like for the Legolas in the movies, The Lord of the Rings. I think the movie-Legolas is just so totally cute! The cutest Elf I've ever seen!
This site features a big Legolas image gallery, polls, background info on Legolas Greenleaf and Orlando Bloom (the actor). And yes! A Confession Center - a place for all you fellow Legolas-crazy gals to share your feelings with the rest of us!

Welcome to Elven Eyes...
Where you heart for Legolas lies



January 11:
Okay, sorry I haven't been around for a while! But I actually have some very good "excuses". NO.1: My internet time ran out around Dec 20th. I keep telling my dad we should get unlimited! NO.2: I got the LOTR Fellowship computer game 4 x-mas, and I spent all of my time with my eyes wired to the monitor running away from Nazgul and shooting orcs. It really is an TERRIFIC game; every Tolkien addict should try it out!!! NO.3: I also got "Characters from Tolkien", the book on beasts and flora by David Day. Again, it's another must-have for Tol. fans. NO.4: Of course, WATCHIND THE TWO TOWERS again... and again...
You guys are probably tired of hearing this, but LEGOLAS IS SOOOO FINE IN THIS MOVIE! MORE CLOSE-UPS, THAT SWING UP THE HORSE, THE SKATEBOARD SHOOTING, ahhhh... (swoon)
And THANKS to all the ppl. who sent me reviews! I saw TTT first on the Sat. it came out. I'll be starting a new page in the Galleries soon, so check back again!
~ Elven Girl

December 18:
THE TWO TOWERS IS OUT TODAY!!!!!! I CAN'T SEE IT UNTIL AT LEAST FRIDAY!!!! NOOOO... Please, girls, E-mail me and tell me about the movies, for those who have seen it! How does Legolas act in there?!?! How many times does he come on screen?!?! AHhhhh... this is cruel torture!!!
~ Elven Girl

December 14:
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! THE TWO TOWERS IS FINALLY COMING OUT ON THE 18TH!!! I'm sure all you girls have been waiting for it ever since you saw FOTR last year... and finally, next week we'll all be seeing Legolas again in action for three hours!!! (Do remember to bring duck tape for your mouth and chains so you can tie yourself to your seat. We don't want you screaming and going mad everytime Lego come up on screen.) More pics are in the Gallery today... Thanks to "y N a" or whatshername there who sent me those! Please DO send pictures to me to put up in the Elven Eyes Galleries. I'll give you credit! Well, I'll be back later... gotta go braid my hair...
~ Elven Girl

November 9:
SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN UPDATING THE SITE LATELY! You see, I actually have a very good excuse: My computer completely crashed when I was compressing C drive, adn my dad went all purple and fuming and had to run out to buy a new one before 3pm, cuz he had this big translation project due at 9pm!!! So, yeah, it's been kinda hectic and tough for me... My dad is scared I'll screw up the computer again, so I'm limited to how much time I can go online for the time being.
But I do PROMISE I'll be back tomorrow with new pictures for the gallery, and I'm also planning new sections to this site. (What do you ppl suggest?) Check back lay-ta!
~ Elven Girl

September 15:
The school season's here, and my parents are making me go even though I will be leaving this world forever this winter. (If you're new around here, start with my earlier entries first.) Lots of homework, and nothing worth learning. I'd rather stay home and work on my Sindarian vocab.
So, I've just put up a countdown at the bottom of this page, counting down to the Two Towers! 93 days left for today!!! (December 18th for me, but actually, it's 25th in USA)
~ Elven Girl

September 2:
Hi peeps. You may experience problems accessing the Guestbook and the Confession Book today, 'cause today's Labor Day, so the server's down. Sorry! It will be back tomorrow!
School starting tomorrow! Nooooo... Well, at least I got the prospect of me & Lego's wedding to keep me going. Yeah!
~ Elven Girl

September 1:
Elven Eyes has now over 30 000 hits! Thank you!
New poll: How do you pronounce Legolas' name??? I actually pronounce it as Luh-goh-lass?but I seem to be losing. Vote here! Anyway, continuing my story about me & Lego, we will be married this winter! (Har, har, My mother has stopped trying to convince me he's too old, but she's now worried about my school life?as if I still have a future in the present?No, my future rests in the past.
~ Elven Girl

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What do you like best about Legolas? Is Orlando Bloom the actor better-looking or Legolas Greenleaf the elf? What about Frodo or Aragorn? [VOTE]


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