My REDhead Family
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Cher O:-)
I have loved him for over 25 years. I live in California. (Born in Minnesota, moved to Ca. when I was 5) The first time I seen Sammy was in Oakland ~A Day on the Green~, July 4th 1980. He played with Blue Oyster Cult, Foreigner, Scorpions, and REO Speedwagon. It was Awesome.
I am very happily married to Sweetybuns and have four children. I got my first computer about 6 years ago, and I can't believe how far I have come...I taught myself everything I know. *The Library helped* If I don't know how to do something...I'm on a mission!! O:-)
I got a newer computer about 4 years ago with a I could be like everyone else and have the World Wide Web at my fingertips.
I am on three mailing lists, and wow...I can't believe how cool that is!! I have been apart of the SHML= SAMMY HAGAR MAILING LIST for over a year, and I just love it. I am also on Sammy Hagars RED Hot Droolers O:-)~~ I'm proud to say I DROOL FOR SAMMY HAGAR!! O:-~~~
The last list I am on is Amigos De Los Ninos it means friends of the Children. It is a charity close to Sammy Hagars heart.
Visit the OTHER website I made for Laura Olden at

Sweetybuns Floats My Boat! He is my Knight in Shining Armor!! I have called him ~Sweetybuns~ for soooooooo many years, that I only refer to him that way to EVERYONE!! Sometimes I call him Prince Sweetybuns, well, what can I say? I am The Princess!! O:- (He's going to kill me for that one) LOL!! We have known each other most of our lifes, as we grew up on the same street. I can say (and I have..huh Mist?) that I married my BESTFRIEND. Sweetybuns is the perfect husband, and I love him with all my heart. He is the best!! Letting me have ~My Sammy Obsession~ is very Awesome indeed! He, also is a huge Sammy fan. By the way...his name is PAT!! O:-)
Stephanie Stephanie went through her New Kids On The Block faze when she was younger, then again so did every other girl her age. She was very, very into Madonna and still is. She used to make up her own routines to songs, teach them to her girl friends and dance away, she was very, very good at that. She went through a huge Beatle faze too...I'm sure she still loves all these. I know she likes Sammy...he was and ~IS~ such apart of our household music (I do need to point out however, that we always played and listened to a very wide variety of music...) Stephanie is all grown up and lives in Kelseyville, and goes to school. I know she really likes Ani Defranco now. She's very talented at writing poetry. We all really, really miss her. O:-)
Robbie Robbie's first concert was Van Hagar!!!
He was 12 when we went. It was all of us, Auntie Frances and Cousin Johnny. Johnny is Robbies age. It was Mothers Day (I was where I wanted to be...and with my family) Sami stayed home with Uncle Rob (seen Sammy on different occasions with my brother Rob!!)...she was just a baby. Robbie grew up with Sammy music and always had a wide taste in all music. His favs now are...Disturbed, Godsmack, Korn and Linkin Park. Until recently I had thought he grew away from Sammy. I was watching my ~Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour~ DVD (I have it, Thanks to Johnny & Mindy) Robbie was checking it out and said wow he dresses pretty wild, and then when he found out that Sammy only wears the clothes that REDhead fans give him for his birthday, he thought thats cool. He was amazed at how Sammy still ~ROCKS HIS ASS OFF!!~ When he watched that long interview I saw on Robbie's face that he had a lot of respect for Sammy and his views, the messages he puts in his songs and how he treats and cares for his fans. LOL he has not lived at home for over four years, I guess it was hanging out with his Momma again, that made him realize he still loves Sammy Hagar, not that he stopped but just got into others more. Robbie just served 4 years in the United States Navy. He got out in June, came home and stayed with us for a while and is now living in Arizona. O:-)
Cory The REDest Kid I've got!!!!
Cory was born to love Sammy Hagar!! Cory missed being born on Sammy's Birthday by 8 days in 1984 (our Rottweiler however had a litter of pups on Sammy's birthday in 95 I celebrate we went to Sammy's Birthday party... LOL Van Hagar played that night in Sacramento at Cal Expo on Sammy's Birthday!) Cory used our fireplace hearth as his stage, and pretended he was Sammy, with his toy RED guitar and microphone/stand. He was about 4 or 5. He knew where every single Sammy scream was and would scream and jump into the air off of (his) stage. When he started kindergarten and I was the teachers helper I would see that he never liked to sing or dance, with the rest of the class. One day they were playing Hokie Pokie and Cory just stood there with his fingers sticking in his ears. I said go play with the rest of your class Cory, and he said *It's NOT Sammy Mom!!* Cory seen Sammy with Van Hagar when he was 7 and he loved it!! Cory is now 17...His RED guitar is no longer a toy, but, ELECTRIC!!! He just recently got his High school ring that he paid for himself from working with his Uncle Rob. His ring has his name CORY and an emblem for TECNOLOGY on one side. He goes to a Computer Tech High School...and the other side says none other than... REDROCKER with a Rock and Roll emblem under it. The stone is black onex as he does not like that his birthstone is pink. He is also a huge Ozzie fan!! His other very fav is Yngwie Malmsteen, he has every one of his CD's (and seen him in concert). His other favs include, Slipknot, Disturbed, & Korn. O:-)
CLICK HERE to see Cory's Ring
Sami Sami was named after SAMMY!!!
The boys name we had picked out was Samuel Edward...We were very happy to get our little Samantha Rose!! She's our little Twitlebug!! She is very creative and bright. She has the kindest heart of anyone I know. She loves animals and her dream is to become a Veterinarian. We just know that is just what she is going to do too! She has 6 cats, one is a house cat and 5 outside. She takes care of them all and plays with them daily. We also have two big doggies, and she runs around the yard all the time with them to give them exercise. She is a little REDhead also. She is 12 now and she loves Sammy, but is into her own music now, like Disturbed, Creed, Savage Garden and Linkin Park. O:-)

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