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Cory's ring can now also be seen on Sammy Hagars website
When you get there click on RedRocker Fan Club on the left, then click on COOL SHOTS!!

Cory, the REDest child I have is 17. He worked and paid for his own high school ring that cost him $350.00 it is white gold and on one side says CORY with a technology emblem under it and the other side says REDROCKER with a rock and roll emblem under it. You would not believe how proud he is of that ring!! Anyone can also see Cory's high school ring at Sammy's official website just click on FAN CLUB then on COOL SHOTS and it is the first one there. One day Cory was typing at school and took off his ring and put it on his desk and before class even ended it was stolen! He as well as our whole family was devastated!!! It is so hard to explain how upset and bad we felt. I think we were in shock for about a week and then I mentioned to my very good friend Katherine who is also a Drooler. She took it from there and made a post to the Sammy Hagar mailing list (SHML) and the Droolers and let them know that Cher's son Cory was devestated after having his REDROCKER high school ring stolen!! It had barely been on Sammy's website a week! It did not take long when one of the Droolers said "hey, I will chip in to get Cory's ring replaced" and it took off from there. Some of Sammy's fans the REDheads and the Droolers chipped in to have Cory's ring replaced. The Cory ring fund went $145 beyond the cost of the replacement ring and I donated it to the Amigos De Los Ninos in Cory's name! I truly believe that it was and is Sammy Hagar who his fans take after. When I told Cory that Sammy's fans started a fund for his ring the first thing he said was, "That's Sammy's fans for you!" "They are just like Sammy!" I just want to say to Sammy, THANK YOU! For the person you are and your loving, giving nature is what made the Greatest REDheads and Droolers ever!! They are the GREATEST groups of people and so many of them are MY FRIENDS!!!!


Cher O:-)


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