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Marriage is about love. At least it *should* be.

A tall, stocky girl with brown hair stands in front of you, arms akimbo, and stares at you through the swirling mist. "Hola," she says cheerfully. "Welcome to the Realm of Weirdness. I am Rebecca, known by a myriad of other names as well, including Candygirl." She sweeps her arm across the scene and the mist rolls away. "This is the stuff that came from inside my head to your screen. This is where everything I’ve done resides except the stuff that’s down for rewriting because it sucked. Go ahead, click something, you know you want to."


The update zone: April 9th- Wow, have I ever been delinquent. It won't happen again, I swear. More than a year since I've updated the site? Y'all must have thought I dropped off the face of the earth.

Naturally, I have a lot to post. For one thing, the folks over at zombiebraaains ended up inspiring an entire zombie AU: Dead City, With Great Power, Shock, What's In Your Head, Go, Stitches In Time, Little Death, Doesn't Say, Atlantic Coast, Blaze of G(l)ory, Mark The Place, Between Seasons, The End Is The Beginning, and Wake. Also in the AU vein is Fire Rising, part of the nameless AU and a direct sequel to From Fire, From Ashes. More crack than AU are Keep Trucking, which is sort of a crossover with Dr. Who, and the Bizarro-verse fic The (Un)Usual Suspects, and the extremely fucked up shit that is Anarchy State of Utopia and its associated short tales.

The five stories that comprise Just Lucky straddle the line between AU and mere fanfic, since the full title of the set is Four Ways Candace Parker Will Never Get Lucky And One That She Might. Blaze, Deuces Wild, Two Of A Kind, and Aces Over Threes all posit different ways the 2008 draft lottery could have worked out; Big Dog works with the team that actually won.

Not in the AU vein, two pieces from the RPFS sports challenge: Tradition and ESPN or Something. I inaugurated my personal "All The Way To Labor Day" challenge with old-school Rockers fic, Fair Shake. Some non-challenge fic, too, because occasionally I do get plot bunnies that aren't completely fucked up: Can't Stay/Can't Go, a Sue/Diana; That Special Someone, Loree/Ashley; Bare, a K.B./Erin experiment; No Breaking, which is Janel/Cathrine; and Stay In The Night, a Clubhouse fic.

Bluejay fans, if you're out there, there's some stuff for you too, never fear. No new episode- that's still a work in progress- but a few stories for the final battle and post-series: Ask Not, Cover Story, Flo's Children, The Verdict, and The Wall of Fame.

Oh, and I also wrote a House fanfic, although it's now horribly dated: The Clichés of March Madness.

Things will be changing color and will be getting more connected as time goes by. If something doesn't work, e-mail me at I'll try to fix it.

Sports Fiction: slashing of basketball, soccer, and volleyball girls; slashing of baseball and basketball guys; gen about real basketball; gen about fake basketball. Dates from anywhere around 2000 up to about last month.

The Bluejay Project: scathing political, social, cultural, and economic satire. Mature content, but oh so good content.

Fanfiction: More specifically, fanfiction for media-based fandoms, as compared to RPF.

Shared Space: I acquired a boyfriend a few years ago. Turns out I also acquired a writing partner and part-time font of inspiration. We share a few universes.

Old Stuff: You notice half the links are gone that were here before? Yeah, they're here now. If you want to see how my writing has evolved in ten years, be my guest.

Original Poetry : Because for some reason I occasionally write poetry. I also try to write song lyrics, and they go here too.

Miscellaneous Stuff : If it doesn't fit any of the above categories, it goes here. Probably.

The person behind the madness: This is who I am. I am...

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