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Blood and Thoughtstalking
Alien Girl
As Scully desperately tries to find the cure for Mulder's illness, the truth about Piora and his origins are revealed.
Chris Munn
A psychologist's wife disappears from her bedroom, and the agents' only clue is a design found written in blood.
360 Maple Grove
Riva Lawson
A present day case about ghosts makes Scully revisit her past experience with apparitions, an experience that scarred her remarkably.
Holly Kelly
Mulder falls ill of a strange disease, and as a consequence becomes aware of a creature that feeds off of one's fever.
Game Over
Alien Girl
Several deaths around the Eastern coast seem to be linked to a brand new, very addictive video game...as soon proved when Mulder finds himself unable to keep his hands off the joystick.
The Loyal Ones
Jennifer G.
The investigation into an apparent suicide brings the agents to a cult-like corporation.
2Shy X-01001
Mulder and Scully investigate a perplexing case involving a schizophrenic with a vivid imagination.
Chris Munn
The disappearances of several US senators spark an investigation by Mulder and Scully, one that takes them to the heart of a new conspiracy.
Riva Lawson & Alien Girl
Mulder and Scully learn that it's not always a good thing when dreams come ture, and that the Sandman is not always a welcome visitor.
Yet another violent murder takes place in Scully's apartment building. His curiosity aroused, Mulder finds himself uncannily captivated by a painting of the victim -- a painting that seems to have challenged the boundaries of life and death.
Holly Kelly
The sudden reappearance of a man that the agents believed dead leads them to Hawaii, and to the discovery of a lethal new organism.
The Jade Monkey Project
Jennifer G.
A two-inch-tall conspiracy is rocking the government. Can Mulder and Scully stop it before it gets out of hand?
Bitter Revenge
Lisa Pantano
Scully is put into a situation in which she discovers that the the line between a victim and a killer is thinly drawn.
Red Tide
Alien Girl
Mysterious disappearances on the water force the agents to track down the Malikudda, a sea creature that once came close to killing Scully.
At the request of an old friend of Scully's, the agents investigate what appears to be a perfect crime in a midwestern college town.
Human Nature
Chris Munn
A man capable of affecting the emotions of others brings Phoebe Greene back into Mulder's life, but Scully believes that the case is the last thing on Greene's mind.
Jennifer G.
THe conditions of peoples' eyes in a specific region leads Mulder and Scully to become suspicious of the Consortium's activities in that area.
Ley of the Land
When two boys have a strange encounter in a rurual New Mexico cave, Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a possible alien abduction. But the truth may be far older and more powerful than anyone suspects.
Everything to Live For
The investigation into an apparent suicide in a small Massachussetts town brings a part of agent Scully's past back into her life...a part that could prove fatal.
Pita 1013
The renovation of an abandoned prison is halted by the disappearance of the workers, forcing Mulder and Scully to the realization that the jail isn't as empty as they had thought.
Alien Girl
The disappearances of several children send Mulder and Scully into a case where fairy tales are more than just stories.
A Piori
2Shy X-01001
While investigating a mysterious death, the agents come across evidence that could cost them their lives.