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Page Updated: 22 September, 2002 09:57 AM
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Saturday September 22, 2002
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Well it has been some time since the last post on this board.  Some pages are in the process of being updated.  Please be patient as you will find a couple of broken links along your way through the site.

When the clan was formed there was initially the one game that was consistently played among all members of the clan.  This was Rogue Spear along with all of it's add ons.   We have now incorporated several new first person games that clan member have begun playing.  These games include:

Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon Desert Siege, Medal of Honor (Allied Assault), Soldier of Fortune 1 and 2 and CounterStrike.

Well Back to updating ... catch ya later.


Saturday March 23, 2002
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

We have a forum back up and going.  Just click the forum link on this page.

Friday March 22, 2002
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Some members have moved on to other clans, we wish them the best of luck.  Biggest excuse of their departure was that some of the members were not active enough with tournaments and laddering.  Well for who all is left, remember, this clan was first started out for fun, it is each members choice whether to play or not to play in these matches, it is not going to be forced.  Also, as most of you have noticed the message board is currently down.  At this point we do not know when it will be back up and operating.  I am in the process of finding an alternative in the meantime.  If anyone has a suggestion please feel free to email me so I can get another board up and going.  Check the allies page to refresh who are allies are, most of them play some good games.  See you all on the zone.  Have a good Easter Weekend!!

Saturday, January 19, 2002
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Well just to keep everyone up to date.  First off, the clan is beginning to get registered for clan laddering.  Also, Murray has set up his own ladder that he moderates which is hosted through cases ladder.  If you would like some more information about that ladder contact Homer or Murray.  Also, the activity for the WoW's at Battlestats has decreased., the monthly WoW matches now include UO, RS and BT all played in the Urban Ops rooms and BT, CO and RS maps can all be played from there.  All in all the activity has dropped through battlestats because of that merge, this is a perfect opportunity to get in some good games and get a good ranking for the tournaments.  The coop tourny's are also kind of lax, again another perfect opportunity to get a good ranking, most of the time to get a ranking for clan and individual you have to play a minimum number of games and a minimum number of clan members have to participate.  Welp back to some updating.  Catch you guys later on the zone. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Happy New Year!!  To all member of MoP and visiting guests --- Have a safe and enjoyable new year.  See you in the war zone.

Thursday, November 22, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Happy Thanksgiving out there to all it applies to!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2001
Posted by MoP_OiSter
"0i! 0i! 0i! Sloth!"

Working downloads for RS, UO, and BT patches added

» Friday, November 16, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Coop WoW starts today.  All of you should try and get some games in.  We should fair pretty good this wow, and have a good chance to be up at the top.

The site is sill going through some changes, hopefully by this weekend all the little kinks will be worked out, and should have the form up for the member profile.  I still have not heard anything from anyone on any ideas for the profiles section.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

As you have notice the website is missing it's introduction page.  This is in the process of getting updated so we can have all the team members included.  I am also in the process of including player profiles which will include their own page with player details along with individual awards and pins.  Black Thorn has been released, be sure to grab your copy when you get a chance.  Also, Piestactics is back up and running with their download/archive page, this is a good place to get some of the popular game modifications.  If any of you might have suggestions on the member profile pages please let me know by email or by posting on the message board.  Remember, RS WoW is now in process, you all should try to get some gg's in.  The tournament ends November 16.  Also, the coop WoW should be starting on November 16th.

Allies page has been added.  We now have two allies.  Go check out the page and be sure to visit their sites.

Sunday, November 4, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

The roster page has been updated.  The roster should contain all active members plus the new member.  If you are not listed on the page and you should be, please let me know.  There were four members that have been added to the roster please welcome MoP_hOjew_ish, MoP_Trujew, MoP_Smokey and last but not least MoP_Zulu.  Moon is listed missing in action, NoOne has retired.  Please update your zone friends list with the new member being added.

Saturday, November 3, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Well, this weekend the site is getting updated.  The member roster will be updated to reflect the new member and the members that have went on their way. has put the Urban Operation's ladder up on the board and the gaming for that event commenced yesterday November 2, 2001.  All Jump in and give it a try.  Homer is one of the game admins -- go Homer!!  Any of the member who are unsure how the ladder is to work leave Homer a message on the member message board.  The November WoW's are scheduled and in place, lets get some good games in for these events.

I am checking on our status with Clan Ladder.  As there are some new members in the clan - some of them are interested in beginning the laddering.  I will keep you all informed of the status of that.

Until then you fo0's -----------  Have some gg's!!!!

» Saturday, August 18, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"Mess with me? What? SHIT!!!!!"

Well here we are again.

News Flash ---- Meteors are going to hit the earth.

But that is some old news, here is some current news.

Rogue Spear Week of War is now over. As most of you know the event admins started deleting games these last several days. They have now begun enforcing to loser reports rule. So any games that you reported and you were not the loser and did not include in the comments Loser failed to report, the matches will be deleted. The loser must report the matches from now on, so if you are going to play in WOW then you need to get the stats recorder. With the deletion of games we have fallen out of the ranking for the clubs. But now we know and we will get them in the next WOW.

Just some thoughtful information. The MoP clan was formed to give all members a chance to play being associated with a clan. This clan was formed so all members can have fun. It is not required that you participate in WOW events or tournaments, however, you should give it a whirl it is fun. Being a member comes with it's benefits, a member is able to compete in WOW events as MoP is a registered clan with Battlestats, and if you feel you would like to ladder MoP is also registered with Clan Ladder. So have some fun. Remember, it's all about having fun.

RSG is having a 2v2 tournament on August 25th, if you want to play you better go sign up. You can do this through Battlestats list of tournaments page. Also, the Week of War for Urban Operations kicks off on August 24th, you all get ready let them know this RS world is infested with Sloths!!!

As always, it is a pleasure to play this game with you guys, keep having fun that is what it is all about.

» Friday, August 10, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Well guys we are wrapping up another long week (at least it has been for me).

The Week of Coop war is nearing it's end, as I am typing just a couple of hours left. Excellent job everyone. It looks like the team is going to take second place. And Oister, gj, it looks like you are taking fourth place overall. Of course they still have to clear final disputes and all, but again excellent job.

Rogue Spear WOW is beginning today. It looks like there are several teams that are signed up for the event. Here are some updated rules for the event , make sure you go and check them out when you have a chance.

Clan Ladder --- We still need to get some matches in through laddering. We have one game to date that has been played. Lets try and make it a goal to get in at least 3 games that would get reported by the end of the weekend. ((Think of it as getting in at least 30 games for WoC
:-)). I will be on tonight and throughout the weekend. I will partner up with you guys.

Finally, the MoP website in almost completed. All should go a look at and see if you see any errors and such. If you see something that needs corrected or have suggestions please let Homer, Oister or myself know.

Well that is all for now, keep up the good gaming guys

» Friday, August 07, 2001
Posted by MoP_Zork
"I believe I can fly!"

Well Homer is on vacation for a couple of weeks and should be back around the weekend of the 18th. Here is a short newsletter to keep you up to date.

I have noticed there still some of you that have not registered for Clan Ladder and/or Battlestats. If anyone is having a problem registering please contact myself, Oister or Homer. Here are the links to each sight as Homer has previously sent -- (need the password? - contact Homer, Oister, Zork) --- make sure you register and then apply for MoP clan.

The Mercenaries of Pain home page is near 100% completion. Good job all who have been working on it.

I have also notice alot of inactivity from some players. Please email Homer of your status (e.g. unavailable, left clan). Week of Coop is now in progress. If you all get a chance to play give it a whirl. Also Rogue Spear Wow is coming up, lets go out and romp you Sloth's!!! Let get some games in and let everyone know we are out and about.

We have one ladder match that was completed, and yes it was a victory. However, we need to get some more matches in, win or lose no latter. It is possible to get removed from ladder for inactivity.

We have recruited a new member MoP_Free. He is a very good player along with an excellent personality. Please add him to your zone friends list, lets welcome him to MoP.

Well sorry the newsletter is so short (hehehe). Good luck in your gaming ventures and see you on the battle field.

» Sunday, August 05, 2001
Posted by MoP_LiQuId_AiR
"Its all about the nookie!"

Ladies and gentlemen the site is almost ready....the Rogue Spear info is finally up....the pages that aren't up yet are missions, maps, weapons, ammo, operatives, sounds, and misc...a flash nitro is being made. Should be up soon..

» Friday, August 03, 2001
Posted by MoP_LiQuId_AiR
"Some people say im crazy, MUAHHAHAHA"

The site is finally getting there! acouple more days maybe and it should be up and runnin'!!!!!!!

» Thursday, August 02, 2001
Posted by MoP_LiQuId_AiR
"Some people say im crazy, MUAHHAHAHA"

This goes out to all the MoP members, if u have time please look over the website to see if u can add something to the website or change something about it, please send me, Oister or Zork an email as soon as possible. 

» Wednesday, August 01, 2001
Posted by MoP_LiQuId_AiR
"Some people say im crazy, MUAHHAHAHA"

The website is getting more updated everyday, even though the public can't view it. Alot of links aren't working, javascripts haven't been added. What im doing now is pretty much just get the website up, im not to worried about the layout, graphics...etc...Oister and I are working very hard to get this site running and up to speed.

» Saturday, July 28, 2001
Posted by MoP_Homer
"All hail the chief!"

A. Structure

1.Well this area is meant to address our changes in structure, e.g.. new members, retirement, lost members, new duties etc. 2.MoP_Moon has decided to retire from RS for his own reasons. I will keep him on our roster, but he's officially retired until he decides to un-retire, whenever that is. 3.PointBlank-he has left our clan for AG, we wish him the best of luck with his new clan, and be sure to rape his ass in wow =) 4.New Members a.Thugboi-proved to be a skilled player with a great sense of humor, sure to be a welcomed member of the MoP family. b. ScareCrow-Whity player with excellent skills and has allready shown common interest with our members. c.WolfMan(Iceman)-SomeOne who the Original MoP can remember from our days in us who we all know well and know of his skills. d.BadMan027-First caught our eye with his good attitude, later showing he has the elite skill of all our mop members. e.E Pak(Bad)-Ex-US member who was good friends with MoP members, has allready proven that his time away from RS hasnt taken away on of his skill.'

1.Well So far we need for Scarecrow, ThugBoi, BadMan, and E Pak to sign up for battlestats, the url for that is you will first need a players account with battlestats

1.MoP is officially ranked with our first win over boot Camp Clan, participants were myself, Oi, and Str8. GJ Guys. 2.Guys you need to get registered with ladder, you cannot ladder until you are on the ladder roster, if you need help, zm me or email me and i will resend out the
email on how to join ladder.
D.Message Board

1.Guys we need to start using the message board for MoP matters. If you dont know how, or where to ask either myself or, some1 like Oister, Zork, Or BustYoSht for the link.
E.My Vacation

1.Im going on vacation for 2 weeks starting the 4th of august(a saturday), SO i will need all of you to step up in the duties being done will include, composing and mailing of the newsletter, Battlestats registration for wows and events, organizer for ladder to keep track of matches and wins etc..
F.New Site

LiQuId AiR along with Oister are working very hard on our new site, be sure to show ur support for these guys and their hard efforts.


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