Grow in devotion to Mary, Our Mother!

Use Picture Beads and information about the prayers to change the world, one quiet - small bead at a time.


beadbronze.jpg (1727 bytes)Prayers of the Rosarybeadbronze.jpg (1727 bytes)


beadgreen.jpg (1740 bytes)How to Pray the Rosarybeadgreen.jpg (1740 bytes)


beadwhite.jpg (1616 bytes)The Litany of the Blessed Virginbeadwhite.jpg (1616 bytes)


beadblack.jpg (1701 bytes)Latin Prayers of the Rosarybeadblack.jpg (1701 bytes)


beadgold.jpg (1717 bytes)Latin Pronunciation Guidebeadgold.jpg (1717 bytes)


beadgray.jpg (1625 bytes)GK Poembeadgray.jpg (1625 bytes)

"If you want to kiss the sky
Better learn how to kneel... On your knees boy!"

- from Mysterious Ways by U2


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