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Our Lady's Rosary Album
Version 2.0 (w/ Luminous Mysteries)

Meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary with a picture for every bead of your rosary

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Details of the Picture Beads program:

For the Mary Challenged (those who have trouble with Our Lady)

I am a Catholic guy who loves the sacraments and other tangible parts of the Catholic faith.  I like to dig in - touch - feel and see my faith.  Mary is one of the most tangible-human parts of the Catholic faith.  She is one of us and she changed the universe simply by saying "yes" to God.  Mary helped the Word Incarnate come down to earth.  She brings our faith down to earth.  Her rosary is the simplest way to connect to God.  All you have to do is sit or kneel down and you talk directly to God through Mary His mother.

I made this multimedia rosary because I was looking to help my young kids get beyond the words to the faith, majesty and power of the rosary.  It has helped them tremendously.  Yet, more than that it has helped me build my faith.  That is why I want to share this program with everyone for free.

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Do you want holy pictures of Jesus Christ, the Rosary or the Virgin Mary?
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Email the Webmaster and Creator of Picture Beads