Rosary Pictures

Here are some images that I have found on the web.  Enjoy.

To find more pictures of the rosary or any pictures on the web, use Google (  Google has a specific type of search that only searches for images on the web.  Go to Google and then ... just above (or some where near) the main search-box you will find the hyperlinked word "images".  Just select the word "images" and type in your word in the search box that comes up.  Google will then find many pictures of rosaries or anything else that you want to find.

For newbie picture hunters: To save these pictures or any other picture on the web, hover over the picture with your mouse and then right click.  The right click will bring up a popup menu.  Select "Save picture as ..." or "save image as ..."  You will then have the power to save the image to your hard drive.  Good luck.

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12    13     14 15        16     17


1 -   Image from
2 -   Image from
3 -   Image from
4 -   Image from
5 -   Image from
7 -   Image from Joel Benjamin
8 -   Image from Bob Fischer,
9 -   Image from
10 - Image from (Knights of Columbus Insurance - The LLaneza Agency (pray the rosary to end abortion)
11 - Image from
12 - Image from http://
13 - Image from
14 - Image from
15 - Image from