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3 November 2001 Added pages: Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan regions, Colombia independence flags, Colombia First Republic, Republic of (Great) Colombia, New Granada republic, Genadine Confederation, United States of New Granada, United States of Colombia, Colombia Second Republic, Colombia rank flags, Colombia service flags

13 Octuber 2001   Added page of Aruba

12 Octuber 2001   Added page of Armenia  

9 September 2001   Added pages of Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Catalan Countries flag History, Cook and Costa Rica

7-8-9 September 2001  Added pages with spanish explanation, leter A.

6 September 2001    Added pages of Bahamas and Benin

5 September 2001    Added pages of Belgie (Rexist flags), Bhutan, Brunei and Burma 

 4-September 2001    Added pages of  Brazil and Brazilian states olds flagsBahrein page,   Bangla Desh page, and Barbados page

1-September 2001    Restarted with the pages of Bermuda and Bolivia.