Chronicles of Dendrinla...

There once was a library, tall and proud. Within this library were thousands of millions of books, each in triplicate. A beautiful fountain ran through the rooms, and each book was protected by magic from the elements and decay. Thus, when the mighty library was sacked with the rest of Gettan, the books remained. They could not be burned by the invaders, but the barbarians thought them useless and womanly. So, they threw the books into the sea, allowing the tides to take them where they pleased.

Many books were lost, for they sank deep to the floors of the seas, far deep into the crevices of the oceans. The rest, however, were taken with the tides to far distant lands. They were read, and they were cherished, for those people who found them knew their value. The books were the only legacy remaining of the Library of Gettan.

One such book that was found was entitled Chronicles of Dendrinla. It told the tales of the inhabitants of a land called Dendrinla and their descendants and their friends and their foes. Many of the inhabitants of this land were 'bonded' mind and soul to another, more magical creature. This book is here, dusty but not delicate. It is as strong as the day it had been bound.

Come, curious one, and read with us the tales of those who walked the shores of Dendrinla. Read of their tragedies, their triumphs, and all else in between. Read as if you were there, and hear their words between your ears.

May you find peace. May you find hope. May you find Dendrinla.
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Arae and May`isle Anclo

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Xian Dragon Pages

Palvion and Abvindor

((Note: Most stories are as yet unfinished. This is because it takes a very long time to translate the tales of a completely different race.))

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