Ratings System

You know I'm right.

This little area explains how each tidbit on my site is rated for your convenience. There are three general categories represented by little icons:
This is for the dirtier and more disgusting and possibly offensive stuff. Not for the faint at heart.
This is for some yaoi/yuri stuff, and stuff like dirty jokes and metaphors and what-have-you. Most people can digest this.
This applies more towards romantic sitches, not smut. Also includes more innocent shonen/shojo ai stuff.

Besides these, there are some written warnings detailing the specifics of any works:

You may also see these on other things:
G:Gross humor
D:Drugs and/or alcohol
L:Language (Ranges from mild to obscene)
Here's an example: [Y, G, L]=Lemon fic, yaoi, gross humor.

I hope this makes it easier to avoid anything you may not want to see. Please refer to the Disclaimer for more info.

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