Credits and Thanks

I would like to give credit to the following people:

All of the wonderful people who created the great anime characters we know and love and glomp (or want to)
Emby Quinn, whose Jewelry Maker and Dollzmaker playsets helped me quite a bit.

I want to thank all of my friends: William, my wonderful boyfriend, for his love and support. Aishitaru, watashi no tenshi. Suke-chan for a little html help every now and then, and for the pics from her site. J-chan, for letting me talk and talk (and talk...) about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. one else would think that staggering around a parking lot pretending to be drunk with Jone's soda bottles in paper bags would be funny enough to actually do. Kitsu-chan for the IM battles. Darren-kun for the constant humor. Brian-kun for being so damn huggable, and for allowing me to make him my man-bitch ;). Dillon-kun for the same, and for falling prey to my feminine wiles. Kurtis-kun for the DBZ parody-Holy Shit! And of course, Andy-kun for being so adorably ticklish.

So true, so true...

I'm going back to China, so suck on that, old man!