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Official Title:
The Legend of Zelda:
Oracle of Seasons
Relese Date:
Japan: January 2001
USA: May 14, 2001
GameBoy Color
Synopsis: All was well in the Land of Zelda when suddenly, out of no where, there came a video of a realistic Link treking through snow and weilding his sword and whatnot. One's first impression might have been "could this be what Zelda will look like for Dolphin (NGC's Old Name)?" By the end of the clip though, we come of find out its an add for these mysterious new "Oracle" games: Ages and Seasons. Thus began Nintendo's final Zelda endeverdor into the world of GameBoy Color.

Now, on to the specific story or Oracle of Seasons. Onyx, Genneral of Darkness, has kidnapped Holodrum's beloved Dancer and Oracle of Seasons, Din. Without her there, the seasons of Holodrum are thrown into a mad frenzy that will eventually destroy all the life in the land. It's up to Link to prevent that from happening. The only way he can do this is by mastering the power of the Rod of Seasons, bending the environment to his will, Link will have to jump, swim, and slice his way through this strange new land if he's got any chance at all to save it.