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As most royal weddings in the 1960’s, the wedding of HRH Princess Beatrix and Mr. Claus von Amsberg had a splendid display of glittering jewels, worn by Queens and Princesses to the banquet held on the 8th March, two days before the wedding, in the Hilton Hotel, followed by a grand ball in the Royal Palace of the Dam. Tiaras had also been worn some days before, at a state banquet offered by the Government of the Kingdom in honour of the couple.

HRH Princess Beatrix shone brightly on the Hilton banquet evening, wearing two of the most splendid jewels of the Dutch Royal Family, the magnificent Diamond and Pearl Spike Tiara and the superb stomacher originally owned by Tsarina Maria Feodorovna. Queen Juliana rarely wore the tiara, but it was a clear favourite of Princess Beatrix together with her Small Diamond Tiara that she wore for the banquet at the Prinsenhof in Delft.

On the left, HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, wearing the Diamond and Emerald Tiara, is accompanied by her fiancé Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven as she arrives to the Hilton Hotel for the banquet offered by her mother, HM the Queen of the Netherlands, who is seen on the left with HRH Prince Bernhard. The Queen wore her favourite tiara from the royal collection, one of the most simple though done with very beautiful stones, the Rose-Cut Diamond Bandeau Tiara.

HRH the Princess of the Asturias, born Princess Sofia of Greece, is seen on the left wearing the Mellerio Shell Tiara, part of the Spanish royal jewels, as she arrives at the Royal Palace of the Dam after the banquet in the Hilton Hotel. In the middle HM the King of the Hellenes, Constantine II and HM Queen Anne-Marie, born Princess of Denmark, who wears the extremely elegant Ruby Wreath Tiara. On the right, representing the Danish Royal Family, HRH Princess Benedikte, is seen wearing the Pearls and Stars Tiara.

Stunningly beautiful, HRH the Princess of Liège, la dolce Paola, on the left, wears the Diamond Bandeau Tiara, a present of HM King Leopold III to his son Albert on the occasion of his marriage in 1959. On the right, HRH Princess Irene of Greece, sister of the King of the Hellenes and by that time considered one of the best “princesses-à-marier” in the European Royal Families, wears a Diamond and Pearl Tiara.

On the left, TM the King and Queen of the Belgians, Queen Fabiola wearing the magnificent diamond tiara presented to her on the occasion of her wedding by General Franco’s daughter, on behalf of the Spanish people. HRH Princess Christina of Sweden is seen in the middle, wearing one of the Diamond Rose Button Tiaras. On the right, TRH the Grand-Duke and Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg entering the Royal Palace of the Dam. Grand-Duchess Josephine Charlotte wears the tiara from her mother’s inheritance.

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