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   Welcome to the Clan Axe homepage. This site is in the same stage as our clan... growing! So hey, take a look around. And a message to clan members... LEAVE AIM UP WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING STARCRAFT!!! That is the whole purpose, to allow a quick reference to who is on and who is not. Just leave an away message so no one bothers you. The information provided below is updates as to site changes, alliances, new members, etc. So check it as often as you can but you really don't need to more than once daily. I only post their when there is something to post. Thank you.

 Clan News:

  Friday, August 23rd:
    Well, first I would like to thank {AXE}Straitedge for his efforts in helping me with the page, and I would like to accredit the fact that this news is now in the table you see, and I will also be working on a special cursor for the site, an idea given by Straitedge. Look for it in the future!
  Wednsday, August 22nd:
    Hey all, just wanted to welcome all the new members that you can view on the members page listing, and I suggest that we all get together sometime. Well, I guess as Clan Leader I am supposed to schedule that, huh. Well, this is not an official meeting, but if you want to play a round or two with me, Maverick, and whoever else shows, show up yourself sunday, at around nine O'Clock, and just be online with your AIM service up and running. Later all.
  Sunday, August 19th:
    Well, I promise that TODAY I will put up the link to Clan BG, sorry bout yesterday, little communication problem. I have also created the strategy area in the forum, so go take a look and create an ID if you have not yet. I promise I will be more active in the forum in the future.