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Personal Angel Stories

These stories are from the people who experienced them. They submitted them and here they are. My viewpoints may or may not reflect the stories.

After people started visiting my angel encounter page, I started getting E-mail from other people on the web, with their angel stories. They have told me they would like to have them published on the angel encounter page. The Birdy story was forwarded to me in email, so I decided to include it here. Not all the stories neccesarily agree with my viewpoint, but I have included them as requested. If you would like to send an angel encounter you have had, I will include all stories sent , with the exception of stories pertaining to new age angel readings and angel spirits talking to that person. It is my personal belief and from the Bible that these are fallen angels ,disguised as angel's of light. I do not endorse anything like this ,as there is no reference in the Bible of angels telling fortunes or talking with people and being their spirit guides. The angels of the Bible were sent to warn people before God's impending judgement, or were used or will be used in judgement, and proclaimed news regarding Jesus and other Biblical events.


Here are the links to the stories submitted so far .

The Missed Mishap

The Birdies

The Angels and The Virigin Mother

Dr Shingles : A Child's Story 

The Angel's Message 

A Close Call

Angels Took My Son

Angels Appear As Humans 





Email me with your stories and the name you want to be added as the author of the story.