*r-H-m- “dark, black”

PMA rama “dark, black” Sanskrit IENH 579: *l[a|&]w- “to be or become dirty, tarnished, stained, soiled, filthy” Proto-Nostratic *l(e|o)w- “to make dirty, filth” Proto-IndoEuropean Proto-AfroAsiatic Semitic la:t_a (from base lwt_) “to stain, tarnish, soil, sully” Arabic lawt_a “stain, blot, spot” Arabic IEW *re:-, *re:mo- “dark” Proto-IndoEuropean ra:má “dark, black” Sanskrit ra:mi: “night” Sanskrit ra:m, ro:m “dirt, soot” Middle High German ro:mig “sooty” Old English PMA ram- “black” Tai, Siam, Gedney lam- “dark, black” Lakkia, Ong-be Kelao, Than-Uyen ram- “to shade” Dioi, Tai rom- “shade” Tai i-lam “black” Indonesia ilam-ilam- “hazy, vague” Batak ma-ilam “dark” Batak lam-lam- “dimness” Tagalog ma-lam- “night” Malo, Moto ma-lam- “middle of night” Formosa taa-lam- “black” Melam Back