*p-kw- “to cook”

PMA paka “cooking, burning” Sanskrit, also pash “to cook, roast” SIG, IESSG, VISW *Á-p- pre-IndoEuropean-Semitic extended with -Xw- *p-kw- “cook” Proto-IndoEuropean pekã “cook” Old Church Slavonian pác^a:mi “cook” Sanskrit pesso: “cook” Greek *A-p- extended epu: “bake” Assyrian extended with -X- *A-p-X- Proto-Semitic the -A- is lost when a fourth consonant is added extended with -z- *p-X-z- Proto-Semitic p-H-z “boil over” Hebrew p&Haz “boil over, swell” Hebrew pa:Haz “boiling over” Hebrew faXaza, faHa-ra, faHa-ga “was haughty” Arabic EIEC *pekw- “cook, bake” *kwekw > pobiaf “bake” Welsh coquo: “cook” Latin metathesis p/k kepù “bake” Lithuanian cepu “bake” Latvian pekõ “bake, roast” Old Church Slavonian pjek “bake” Albanian *pekw-yo pesso: “make ripen, cook” Greek pachaiti “cooks” Avestan pacati “cooks” Sanskrit päk- “becomes ready for eating” TokharianA päk- “becomes ready for eating” TokharianB nominal derivatives *pekwtis “(act of) cooking” coctio: “cooking” Latin pectis “fire shovel” Old Prussian pes^ti “cooking” Old Church Slavonian pepsis “act of cooking, ripening” Greek pakti “cooking, cooked food” Sanskrit *pekwter? “cook” coctor “cook” Latin péptria “female baker” Greek paktár “cook” Sanskrit G: -pígà “cooking-stone” Proto-Bantu M: -piga “cooking pot” Proto-Bantu -pga “(cooking) stone” Proto-Bantu GCALLE 25: *&pan,- “to cook” Proto-ChukchiKamchatkan phïn,gaj- id. Gilyak, Amur dialect (= Nivkh) Proto-AlgonquianRitwan (= Proto-Algic): puw- id. Wiyot pem- id. Yurok peya?r “to cook over an open fire” Yurok *apwa:ni “to roast” Proto-Algonquian *apwa:na “bread” Proto-Algonquian Salishan: p'ix-m “fry; brand (cattle)” Shuswap NS 157: *p'äk'V “hot, heat” Proto-Nostratic *PVgwV id. Sino-Caucasian bha:kw “expose to the sun” Old Chinese *bo?k “fire” Proto-Yeniseian IR 44: p'ac^' “hot” Squamish (root *p'ak'/*p'ik') **p'äk'U “hot” Proto-Nostratic IR 56: p'ixw “roast” Shuswap **p'iGwV “fire” Proto-Nostratic G: -pígà “cooking-stone” Proto-Bantu PMA: paka-paka “burnt, scorched” Rarotonga paka- “dried in sun” Maori pa'a “to burn, scorch” Maori Back