*H-l-g- “stick, glue”

PMA lag “to adhere, stick to, join” Sanskrit VISW: *Y.-l-G.- pre-IndoEuropean-AfroAsiatic *al-g-, a reduced from o, Proto-IndoEuropean alégo: (-ízo:, -ú:no:) “worry about (something) minding (something)” Greek alga “sea-weed” Latin algos “sorrow, pain” Greek *Y.aláG.- , transitive pre-IndoEuropean-AfroAsiatic *l-g- Proto-IndoEuropean lágati “sticks to” Sanskrit di:-ligo, re-ligens, re-ligio, neglego Latin extended grade læ:ce “leech” Old English le:che Middle English leech English *Y.-l-k- (k < G.) Proto-AfroAsiatic Y.alika “it hung (bi-hi, to it), was (became) suspended (to it), clung, clave, adhered, stuck fast (to it), it pertained (to him), concerned (him), he had a hold (upon it), became attached by love (to), loved (her or him)” Arabic IV “he had (the animal of the chase) caught or stuck fast in his snare, he found (met with) a precious article” Arabic Y.alakun “anything hung or suspended, attachment, love” Arabic as collective “leeches” Y.alakatun “leech” Arabic Y.alakt “leech” Ethiopian Y.ela:ketha: “leech” Judeo-Aramaic Y.alakun coll. “leeches” Arabic Y.ilkun “a precious thing, thing held in high estimation” Arabic Y.ulkatun “propensio, amor” Arabic Y.a:likun “hanging, clinging, etc, pertinacious, adhering to affairs and minding them” Arabic Y.a:likun “clinging, adhering, holding, sticking fast” Arabic Y.ila:kun “a thing that is hung or suspended, amulet” Arabic Y.ala:katun “an attachment, a tie, connection ,love, friendship” Arabic Y.ila:katun “strap (or the like) from which something is suspended” Arabic Y.alikatun “love” Arabic Y.alu:kun “a thing that clings, cleaves, sticks to a man” Arabic > Y.alu:ka “leech” Hebrew Y.eluktha: “leech” Judeo-Aramaic > “calamity, misfortune, death” 3alukå: “something hard” Syriac Y.ulukuncoll. “deaths, calamities, occupations, businesses” Arabic ta-Y.alluka:tun “business, office” Arabic Y.ullaikun dimin. “a certain plant that clings to trees” Arabic PMA lago- “glue, to stick to” Kwaio laku- “together, to stick to” Kwaio, also lagu “to gather together” lago- “stick” Lau lagu-lagu- “to put together, join” Lau lado- “to join” Lau lado- “to join, graft” Solomon Is. lado-ha “joining, joint” Solomon Is. leke- “sticky” Hawai'i Back