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Stalked By Susan Home Page
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Stories From Other Survivors
Links and Resources
What To Do If YOU Are Being Stalked

A wonderful site with a lot of information

National Victim's Center Website

Faq's, Stalking laws, and general information, along with a lot of helpful links.

Government sponsored site with FAQ's about Stalkers

Self-explanatory. Very thorough FAQ about stalkers

National Victim's Center Stalking Laws by State

A State-by-State listing of Stalking Laws


The best site for information on cyber-stalking, includes a place to report cyberstalking, and links.

Stalking Behavior

THE BEST SITE! This site has the most thorough and comprehensive information I have found. It also has forms to download, stalking logs, phone logs, etc.

FIU's Victim Advocacy Center

One College takes stalking seriously, and has created a wonderful site to educate it's students.

Stalking Survivors

Yahoo club, message board style, with many members and founders who are, or have been, victims of stalking. Posts are answered very quickly, and there are many good links on the links section. A great place to find support, or just vent, rant and rave. 

Stalking Victim's Sanctuary

A site for stalking victims to find some comfort, and support, with links and resources.

Stalking Assistance

A site sponsored by a commercial consulting agency. This site has several forms that can be downloaded. It also has a lot of very useful information.

The following links are sites created by other individuals who are being, or have been stalked, and their stories.

Stalked, the Site

A site created by "Francie Web" owner about her experience. Wonderful site, and the guest book is quite a read.

A Woman Being Stalked

Story of a woman being stalked by another woman.