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Name: Cathy
Nickname and also known as: Yuusuke-kun, Bakasama, Kitty
Age: High School Senior
Most Likely To Be Doing: Working on this Website
Least Likely To Be Doing:Slacking
Purpose For This Website: Senior Project Presentation
Goal in Life: Gain as much knowledge as one can
Known Greatly For: "Being painfully random" (to quote a friend)
Popular Saying: "Just five more minutes"

I just woke up and got this massively painful headache. Honest-to-goodness truth. I'm on a deadline. I even put up this bright pink post-it on my computer screen: "WORK ON LINKS." Let's see how far I can get on this before the Ib-profen (is that how you spell it?) stops working.

Anyway. Told you I'm really random at times. (If you, the reader, have no idea what I'm talking about, that means you haven't read the above notes. Shame on you.) First of all, I have to thank all the people who helped me on this website project--mainly my field expert, great man he is, but there are several outstanding friends of mine who took some free time off their painstakingly packed schedules just to help me.

Still reading? I have to say that I'm a hardworking person. Maybe not the "above and beyond" kind nor incredibly talented in one or two areas, but nonetheless still special. I started on this website because I'm a writer, not the best though I'm known to think up some pretty amazing ideas, and needed someplace to put up my work. This website was originally made for anime fanfiction (a large majority of fanfics and fanart on this website are anime-based). Besides, I won't be able to improve my writing if there are nobody to read it. Sad, heh. HTML certainly took up an infinite amount of my time though it was worthwhile in the end. If you looked at my Old Layout section, I went down a stressful, long road. It's not that I'm complaining or whining (I did chose this project). It gave me a strong sense of satisfaction though it nearly made me a hermit in my own room. Wow, thinking of those long days spent in here...procrastination is a serious disease, people, don't let it get to you.

Ok, ok, I'll stop typing. Most people reading this must be bored now. Whoever is reading this though, thanks again for looking at this website even though I'm pretty sure you're busy too. Peace. Oh, and get out more. Relax. I definitely need it.