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UPDATE for 3/22/06:

    So. Guess what? No really... guess. Come on... DO it... you'll never get it... What? Wait... how did you know there was a new Moon Beam Comic in Art.. let alone one from the "Spring Day" series? You freaking cheater! You must have cheated- you bas- AHHHHhh go chew on it, you mind police!

    LEFT UP AS A REMINDER to Just let you know some things you MAY get to see sometime in the unforeseen future. Empty promises GO!

  • Sketches
  • Webcomic? Inspired by a wall tapestry?
  • Poems of course... but maybe illustrated ones?
  • Some of my movie scripts most likely their roughs... cuz I need help.
  • Photography and not just Dumpsters (basically a walk through of my trip overseas).
  • A nice and clean new site? Or atleast a refurbished one. With its own domain? How the hell do I set that up without using Angelfire and html? This is all I know...
  • Perhaps the triumpant silly return of Moon Beam Comics. Most successful annual badly drawn comic ever. It once even got me a date!
  • Okay... really more of the same ole same ole. I haven't abandoned any of the old sections of this site... yet. So if you want to submit to one. Please do.


    Ye Oldskool Moment of Zen Archives


        Welcome to my Dandelion Patch. Incase you don't know the comic strip Bloom County, the dandelion patch was a place for relaxation and reflection. Hopefully by reading my thoughts you can finalize your own.

        I like to keep this site interactive. You can always contribute by emailing me a question for Ask Sheila, a review or re-review for Reviews A La Movies, a suggestion for a poll/quiz for the main page or just some feed back or advice. Thanks! Also here is some info on me and a site summary.