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The Fleet
These Are The bikes that are relatively un-modified. Why you ask, well because all these bikes are in fairly good shape and are antique. We may be bike freaks and want to chop-and-weld everything, but we're not dumb.(Click the image and you will see a bigger picture pop up.)

THE FAIRLADY(Schwinn, Dummy!)

You are looking at the HOLY grail of of our bikes. This bike is sooo nice and is near mint condition(unoriginal seat) and is sooo nice to look at. I hear it rides nice, but I never had the pleasure or oportunity to ride this masterpiece of man-made machinery. You will see us ride this once every 200 years so enjoy the pics.

The NightHawk (sears)

This is mike's bike. He bought it at a garage sale for only $2.50 and thinks it is well worth it. This bike is in excellent shape, but I do not know the model info. This is a good bike for when I want to get some where and get there fassst.

Pinkie (kia)

That is my friend Sean. He is a pretty swell guy, and his bike is nice too. That is his only bike that is worthy of this site. He got it at one of his neighbors by mowing their lawn. Pretty nice deal!

The Flamingo(Columbia)

Flamingo is an excellent bike with a cool seat. It's like a big block of pad, I'm guessing this was made during the era when kids were getting in to the bmx bikes. I bought this at a garage sale for 10 bucks.

Barcelona (murray)

This bike is almost identical to the nighthawk. It is made by murray and is brownish copper. This is Ricky's only Vintage ride.Note: ricky recently traded this bike to Tony's dad for a road bike!!!

The BF(BF Goodrich)

Can you believe Tony found this in the Dumpster. It is a very excellent bike, but is kind of roughed up. He found this well before this bicycle hobby bloomed into obsession. It is still a good bike and the only bike I've ever seen made by BF Goodrich.