Name: Sakura Age:22 AIM:sexylilonejai

processing time for falls and dread extensions: 15-30 days


Four new eyeshadows were added!!


The mineral eyeshadow page and gallery is up!!


You can now order custom silky dread falls!!


You can now order custom single ended and double ended dreads!


We are now open! There is a color chart now up so You can begin ordering dread falls. dont see a color you want? email me and let me know! Soon the Extension order form will be up!


Dread fall gallery is up along with extension gallery!

Hello. welcome to kawaii overdose. On this site you can order custom dread falls, extensions, and soon foam and cyberlox! all falls and extensions are hand made by me.I have been making them for about a year and have recently started taking orders. There are photos of my work in my galleries. Check them out =3. I am getting a various color selection. Feel free to browse the menu on the right for prices and more.
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