Chapter 9

“Oww!” Yuki whined, “Kyo, that hurt.”

“Whoops, sorry, love.” Kyo smirked, “let me make it up to you.” Kyo said, kissing Yuki on the neck.

“Cut it out,” Yuki said, shivering as Kyo continued to kiss up his neck. “We’re supposed to be d-dancing.”

“This is much funner.”

“Funner isn’t even a word,” Yuki moaned out, “you’re supposed to say more fun.”

Kyo chuckled, “save the grammar lesson.”

“K-Kyo,” Yuki gasped when Kyo’s hands dipped into the front of his pants. “Hands!”

Kyo pulled away from Yuki, his face a brilliant shade of red. “Ehehe, sorry, Yuki.”

Stupid! My hands just have a mind of their own. Too bad Yuki’s not ready for… well, what my hands are ready for.

Kyo smiled, “sorry, I didn’t mean to move so fast… Actually, I didn’t even realize what my hands were doing.”

Yuki pursed his lips together, “you sure about that? Maybe you’re just a pervert.”

“True, but honestly, I had no control over my hands at all.” Kyo said, holding his hands up as in his defense.

“Don’t listen to him, Yuki. Kyo just wants your sweet little body,” Shigure said in a sing-song voice as he waltzed into the room.

Kyo turned bright red, as he glared at the idiot dog, “shut up, I do not… well…” Kyo was caught in a lie, and it was written all over his face, “maybe I do, but not until he’s ready,” he said in a rush, fleeing the room.


Kyo jumped when he felt a pair of arms circle around his waist, though he smiled when he realized it was none other then Yuki.

“Thank you,” Yuki said, nuzzling Kyo’s neck.

“For what?” Kyo asked, shivering.

“For saying you’d wait for me.” Yuki said, lightly kissing behind Kyo’s ear.

Kyo bit his lip, keeping a moan in check as Yuki nibbled on his ear. “You’re making it very hard to keep control over my body, Yuki.”

Yuki grinned, “oh really?” He continued to nibble on Kyo’s ear.

“Yes… ohh,” Kyo finally moaned, flushing. “I think you’re just teasing me; that or you’re in heat.”

Yuki suddenly pulled away from Kyo, his face beet red, “sorry.” Yuki rubbed the back of his head, ‘maybe I am in heat.’

Kyo grinned, “s’ok.”


“So Momiji, are you going to come to the dance with me?” Haru asked, laying across his bed. Momiji was sitting on the floor, leaning against his bed, his face turned toward Haru.

Momiji flushed, but nodded, “yeah, I’d really like that.”

Haru grinned, “I’m really glad.”


Uo slapped her knee, laughing. “This is so… oh my God, why didn’t you ever tell me?” Uo gasped, laughing some more.

Hana, the gothic psychic actually blushed; Hana blushing!

“Uo, I don’t see why you’re laughing. It was inevitable that I’d end up falling for her. She has such lovely signals.” Hana sighed, seeming like a normal girl for a moment.

“But… you asked her to the dance!? And she said yes?”

Hana nodded, “yeah. Though, I don’t think she understands my true feelings.”

“Then why would she say yes? What girl would say yes to going to a dance with another girl unless said girl likes the other girl?” Uo tried to recall if Tohru ever gave any signs of liking Hana, but couldn’t remember any. Though now that she thought about it, she could remember signs that Hana liked Tohru.

“Tohru is clueless about things; she said yes because she’s sweet. Someone asked her and she said yes. She would have said yes to anyone who asked her.” Hana sounded a bit sad at that.

“Aw, Hana, I’m sure things will work out for you.” The Yankee said.


Days passed and the time of the dance loomed closer.

Dressed in their best, Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Momiji and Shigure walked up to the school doorway. Shigure, who was a chaperone, was tagging along with the younger teens. As they walked toward the auditorium, Shigure couldn’t help but notice how many people were staring at the five handsome cousins. The five had a way of making people stop in their tracks; girls and guys… even straight guys. They were just too beautiful for their own good.

The five also heard confused whispering as they walked.

‘Where’s their dates?’

‘Are they going stag?’

Questions like that were being whispered all around them.

“Okay, let’s do this.” Haru and Kyo said at the same time as they reached out to take their boyfriend’s hands. Both boys looked at each other and started to laugh. They were thinking the same things, it seemed.

Taking deep breaths, the four walked into the dance room.

A hush fell over the whole room; everyone stopped dancing and stared at the four wide eyed. And to top it all off, even the band stopped playing - just for a sec - it started back up almost as soon as it stopped, the members looking surprised to see two gay couples in front of them. But what the band didn’t know was that they were related. Of course all the students and teachers knew this, and they were shocked.

Nobody spoke for the longest time; just staring.

Momiji fidgeted, even as Yuki started to do the same thing. Their boyfriend’s tightened their hold on their hands, pulling them closer to their bodies.

Shigure wondered off, looking for his fellow chaperone, Ayame.

“Stare much?” Uo said loudly as she and her date walked into the room. The tall girl glared at everyone; her date, who was much smaller then her, followed her lead and gave everyone dirty looks.

People knew better then to mess with the tall Yankee so everyone slowly went back to what they were doing before the four Sohma’s walked into the room.

Uo flashed a cheeky grin towards her friends, then she gave them a thumbs up.

Just then Tohru and Hana walked into the room. Uo glanced at her girlfriends, seeing that Tohru looked fabulous in her green ball gown. Uo looked closer at Tohru and let out a laugh.

“Cleavage, Tohru? I never knew you had it in you.” Uo laughed some more when her comment turned Tohru blood red. The brown haired teen covered her very, very small amount of cleavage.

“Ahh, don’t do that. I was just teasing. I can barely see anything.” Uo said, assuring Tohru.

Hana patted Tohru on the shoulder, “I think Tohru looks very stunning.”

“T-thanks,” Tohru said, her flush growing.

“Well, come on Jayne, shall we dance?” Uo turned to her date, holding her hand out.

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