Chapter 10

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The small, nerdy… yes, nerdy, Jayne nodded, pushing his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose.

He gave an embarrassed sounding squeak when Uo dominantly pulled him closer to her body.

On the other side of the room, Kyo was doubled over laughing, making his boyfriend really worried about his state of sanity.

“Kyo, what’s wrong with you?” Yuki asked.

Kyo looked up at Yuki, wiping a tear from his eyes, “they’re the most mismatched couple I’ve ever seen.” He nodded to Uo and Jayne. Uo was an x-gang member, who still had that look about her, and Jayne was a glasses wearing, bookish nerd.

“We’re one to talk,” Yuki said with an amused smile on his lips. “Or did you forget, we’re both guys and cousins?”

Kyo just laughed harder, long gone.


“Tohru, shall we dance?” Hana asked her date.

Tohru, who still didn’t understand why Hana asked her to the dance, nodded her head. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, making Hana’s breath catch in her throat. Tohru looked angelic.

Stepping closer to Hana, Tohru shyly put her hands on the black haired girl’s waist.

Hana felt her skin tingle, almost as if Tohru’s touch seeped through her midnight black dress.

“I’ve never danced much, Hana,” Tohru muttered, when Hana put her arms around her neck.

“Me either,” Hana admitted. The physic slightly smiled, “we can learn together, ne?”

Tohru nodded, “yes!” She said.


“Whatever you do, please don’t go black.” Momiji begged.

Haru, who was very mad, softened a bit, seeing how distressed his boyfriend was. “Sorry, I just can’t stand how they look at you.”

Momiji giggled, “more girls are looking at you then they are looking at me. You’re tall and handsome and you wear boy clothes…” Momiji blushed. Yes, he once again was in a girl outfit.

“It makes me mad, too,” Momiji admitted.

Haru grinned, “really?” Did Momiji really get jealous when girls looked at him? That made him feel a little better. Momiji liked him that much!


“Ayame, my love!” Shigure floated across the room, tackling his lover. He then pulled away from him, remembering where he was.

“Gure, how have you been?” Ayame asked, his beautiful eyes taking in every part of Shigure’s body.

“Lonely,” Shigure pouted. “You don’t visit enough.”

“Aww,” Ayame tapped his lips, thinking, “how bout after the dance I come over?”

Shigure beamed, “yes!”


The Yuki fangirls were sitting with their dates, in a slump, in the corner. To them it was the end of the world. Their Yuki, gay!!

They cried on their dates shoulders; their dates sighed, rolling their eyes. The best advice is: never date a fangirl. It could be hazardous to your health. The boys just wished they’d known this before getting tangled up with these crazy in love girls.

Motoko stood up, dragging her date to his feet. “I thought my competition was that too nice, witch, Tohru! And it turns out it’s that orange haired freak, Kyo!”

“And now Tohru’s with a girl… and my Yuki is… wahh!” Motoko cried, running out of the room. Her date ran after her.


“Kyo,” Yuki whispered in Kyo’s ear as they slow danced.

“Mm?” Kyo murmured against Yuki’s neck.

“I love you.”

Kyo pulled away from Yuki, so he could look him in the face.

With a blush, Yuki flashed Kyo a smile, “I just felt like saying that.”

Kyo grinned, “I love you, too!” Kyo hugged Yuki tight, “aww, you’re so cute.”


“That was fun!” Momiji exclaimed, holding Haru’s hand tightly as they left the school building. Haru looked at Momiji and smiled fondly down at the little blond.

“I had fun, too,” Haru said, bringing Momiji’s hand up to his lips. He kissed the smaller’s hand, lightly, causing Momiji and himself to blush. Their relationship was only at it’s beginning, so they weren’t at the mushy kissing stage yet, though Haru was more then ready for that… he was just waiting for Momiji to be ready.

Next out the doors came Yuki and Kyo. Yuki looked exhausted and was leaning against Kyo’s side. Kyo had a protective hold on Yuki, and a look on his face that almost dared anyone to mess with him and Yuki.

“Tohru, you danced divinely,” Hana said, as she and Tohru walked out after Yuki and Kyo.

Tohru blushed, “t-that’s not true.” Tohru was still a little clueless as to why Hana asked her to the dance, but she’d had so much fun with Hana.

“It’s very true…” Hana started, her eyes going wide… “Tohru… watch out…” Hana warned, seeing as Tohru tripped over the last step.

Yuki barely had time to register what was happening, as Tohru ended up in his arms.


“Uh oh,” Momiji, Kyo, and Haru said at the same time, looking down at a tiny rat, even as Hana looked down as well.

Tohru’s eyes went wide, “oh, I’m sooo sorry,” the girl sobbed. She’d just outed the Sohma family. Her memory would be erased, and so would Hana’s.

Hana shook her head, then looked at Tohru, “sorry, I let you fall, Tohru.” She looked back down at Yuki, “Prince, you’re looking a bit short.”

Everyone looked at Hana, their mouths hanging open. What no screaming? Hana gave a shrug, “Uo and I’ve known about…” she nodded to Yuki, “since forever.”

“Of course I’ve always expected you guys were different; your signals are far different from other students.”

“You’ve known, and you didn’t tell?” Momiji asked.

Hana nodded, “why would we tell? You guys are our friends. Of course we don’t know the whole story; we don’t know why you change, or how… but now I see how, I think.”

Tohru started to fret, “what’s going to happen to me… to us?” She nodded to Hana.

“First off, Tohru, you should pick me up and cradle me in your arms so I don’t change back in front of you all.” Yuki said.

Hana did jump a bit, hearing Yuki speak.

Tohru nodded, doing as Yuki told her to.

“Now we all should go over to Shigure’s.”


Yuki, back to normal, looked at everyone. He paced back and forth, thinking hard. “I think we should just keep this quiet.” He finally said. “I don’t want Tohru or Hana to be punished.” Yuki smiled.

“Me either!” Momiji exclaimed, “I like knowing Hana and Uo know about us and they don’t care… or treat us bad like other people have.”

Haru nodded, agreeing.

“All right, Hana, you are in on the Sohma secret. We all trust you.” Yuki said, turning to the girl. “Uo as well. You might as well let her know that we know she knows.”

Hana nodded, “thank you. I won’t betray your trust.”

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