Chapter 8

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It was a half hour later and Momiji was still pouting; he was currently at Shigure’s house with Haru, Yuki, Kyo and Tohru. Shigure was out turning in his late manuscript to Mii.

“Please tell me what’s going on!” Momiji asked again.

Haru looked at Momiji and smiled at the blonde, “I’ll give you a hint; two of the people in this room are dating.”

Momiji brightened up at that; that was good news. He looked at Tohru and smiled, “so, which one are you dating? It’s Kyo, right? No, wait, Yuki?”

Looking at Haru, Momiji slightly frowned, “or maybe you like younger men; are you dating Haru?”

Tohru shook her head, “no, I’m not dating Yuki.”

“And she’s not dating me,” Kyo added, causing Momiji to think she was dating Haru.

“O...oh,” Momiji tried to smile, but he didn’t quite get the smile out, “congratulations you two.” Momiji stood up, “I . . . uh, have to go.” Momiji turned away from everyone and fled out of the house, nearly bowling Shigure over as he walked into the house.

“What’s up with Momiji? He nearly knocked me over, and I think he was crying.” Shigure scratched his head, looking worried for his younger cousin.

“Crying?” Tohru said, sounding startled. “Why would he be crying?”

Haru frowned, looking away from everyone, “because he thinks we’re dating; he must have a crush on you Tohru.” Haru said, wishing it was the other way around. He really did like Momiji; love even.

“He thinks . . . wait what!” Shigure looked from Haru and Tohru, looking puzzled.

“Cow boy let it slip to Hana and Uo that Yuki and I were dating and Momiji walked up on us when they were giving us shocked looks.” Kyo said.

“Yeah, he kept asking what was going on, and finally Haru told him that two people in this room were dating.” Yuki added.

“Yes, and at first Momiji automatically thought I was dating one of the boys,” Tohru said, “but I said I was not dating Yuki and Kyo said he was not dating me . . . so there for . . . ”

“Momiji assumed you and Haru were dating,” Shigure guessed.

“Correct.” Tohru said.

“So now Momiji is upset,” Haru said, sadly.

“Momiji can’t have a crush on me,” Tohru fretted, “I don’t like him that way; he’s like a little brother to me.” Tohru slumped her shoulders, feeling lousy that she made Momiji upset and there was really nothing she could do about it.

“Before you get all upset about this, Miss Honda, why don’t you find out if that’s really the reason he seemed upset.” Yuki advised.

“But why else would he be upset?” Haru asked.

Kyo smirked, knowing how Haru felt about Momiji, just from the way he was acting and how he had turned back to White Haru when he saw Momiji. “You ever stop and think that maybe it’s YOU he has the crush on?”

Blushing, Haru shook his head, “of course not; he couldn’t have a crush on me.”

Yuki looked at Kyo and saw the smirk on his face. He put two and two together and figured Kyo knew something the others didn’t.

Tohru reached over to grab the telephone when it rang, excusing herself from everyone else. She left the room, with a soft smile on her face.

“Haru,” Shigure said, “go after him, even if he doesn’t have a crush on you, he’s still upset and needs his friend.” Everyone looked at Shigure, surprised at how mature and adult he was sounding.

Haru nodded, and started to head out the door.

“You have your cell phone?” Yuki called after Haru. Hatori had started to make Haru carry a cell phone because he was still always getting lost.

“Yeah,” Haru said, patting his pocket.

After Haru had left, Shigure looked at Kyo and Yuki, “So about this dance, everyone is talking about.”

“What about it?” Kyo asked.

“Yuki’s brother and I volunteered to be chaperones.” Shigure said, with his usual immature giggle. He walked out of the room, humming ‘highschool girls, highschool girls, all for me, highschool girls.’

“And he’s dating your brother,” Kyo said with as snort, as he looked at Yuki.

“He’s bi, ya know.” Yuki said, “I think Ayame is too.”

“I see.” Kyo shivered at the thought of those two being at their dance, who know what embarrassing things they’d do or say about Kyo and everyone.

Smiling, Yuki walked closer to Kyo, putting his arms around his neck. Kyo smiled, putting his arms around his waist.

“Yuki, I don’t know how you really feel about coming out to the rest of the school, but I’d really like to go to the dance with you.” Kyo smirked, “I’d really love to see the looks on the Prince Yuki fangirl’s faces when I walk in with you on my arm.”

Blushing, Yuki laid his head on Kyo’s chest. “I will go with you. It will come out sooner or later, and what better place to come out then a dance.”

Smiling, Kyo placed his hand on Yuki’s chin, lifting his head up. Leaning down, Kyo pressed his lips to Yuki’s. After they pulled away, both smiled, blushing.

“So, can you dance?” Kyo asked, with a smirk. Yuki looked up at Kyo, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Uh . . . no, not really.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll practice together.”

“Am I interrupting?” Yuki and Kyo looked behind them to see Tohru, placing the phone back in its place.

“Nah. So who was on the phone?” Kyo asked.

Tohru smiled, blushing lightly. “Guess what! I have a date to the dance.”

Momiji didn’t understand why he felt the way he did; all he knew was that he felt very sad. Like his heart had been ripped from his chest and then stomped on. It had something to do with what he learned today at Shigure’s house, he was sure. But why should he feel upset about Tohru and Haru dating? It wasn’t like he liked Tohru that way, right? Momiji knew that he did not; he only saw her as an older sister and really good friend.

“Yet I’m upset; I don’t understand.” Momiji looked around, noticing that he had wondered into the woods surrounding Shigure’s house; probably near where Tohru had lived in her tent.

Sighing, he set down on the ground. The next thing he knew there was a great big ‘poof’ and there set Momiji in his rabbit form.

“Are you that upset, that you change into your zodiac?”

Rabbit Momiji jumped, making a startled yelping sound. The little yellow head looked up, his eyes widening to see Haru standing above him.

“I don’t know why I’m upset,” Momiji mumbled, blushing through his fur when Haru set down beside him, picking him up. Haru supported Momiji in his arms and began to gently pet his furry head.

“I wish you could know what was making you upset, Momiji, because then I could do something to make it better. I don’t like it when you’re sad.” Haru said, frowning. “It makes me sad.”

Tears glistened at Momiji’s eyes, when he heard this. He looked up at Haru, “really?”

Haru nodded, “yeah.” He whispered.

“Why would me being sad, make you sad?”

“Because, Momiji, I . . . ” Haru mumbled something that Momiji couldn’t understand.

“What, Haru?”

“Because, I l . . . love you.” Haru finally got out.


A very naked Momiji looked at Haru with wide eyes, “You do?”

Haru blushed; Momiji was siting in his lap and he was naked. “I do.” He said, doing his best to keep his eyes on Momiji’s face and not other parts of his body.

Finally Momiji understood why he had felt so upset; it was because of Haru. Hearing that he was dating Tohru had upset him, because he really liked Haru.

“But what about Tohru?”

Haru smiled, “we’re not dating.”

“But then who . . . ”

“Yuki and Kyo.” Haru said, laughing at the surprised look on Momiji’s face.

“Is the whole family gay?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Momiji smiled, “I figured out why I was upset; it was because I like you, Haru.”

Blinking his eyes, Haru looked at Momiji, hoping he really heard what he thought he did.


“Yep!” Momiji exclaimed, throwing his arms around Haru’s neck, pulling him into a hug.

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