Chapter 6

A/N The members in the student council are OCs, cause I canít remember any of the names for them, or if they were ever mentioned.

I wonder what tomorrow holds? Those had been Kyo Sohmaís last words yesterday. He was about to learn what tomorrow holds. The gray-headed Yuki Sohma was starting to wake up. Oh boy, what will happen when he learns, Kyo undressed him, and they are sleeping in the same bed?

"Ahhhhhh," Yuki yelled, jumping out of the bed, startling a sleeping Kyo, awake. Yuki looked down at himself seeing his nakedness, then he looked at the bed where Kyo was lazily sitting up. Feeling very self-conscious, Yuki pulled the covers off Kyo, wrapping them around his lean form. His eyes bugged out, seeing that Kyo was only in his boxers.

Kyo gave Yuki a sheepish grin, "morning."

"Morning! Morning!" Yuki glared at Kyo, his face flaming. "Iím naked Kyo! Naked!"

Kyo stretched his arms wide, yawning, as he climbed out of bed, "no youíre not."

"Close enough," Yuki shouted.

"So are you mad at me? Are we fighting again," Kyo asked with a pout?

Yuki thought about Kyoís question, a small smile coming to his lips, "yes."

"Yes," Kyo said, his voice sounding disappointed. Sighing, he went to his dresser, pulling out some clean clothes.

Yuki rolled his eyes, watching as Kyo got dressed. "Silly neko," Yuki muttered. "What did you expect? Itís our first relationship spat, not a cat and mouse fight."

His back to Yuki, Kyo smiled. Oh.

"And besides Iím over it." Yuki walked over to Kyo, grabbing him from behind.

Kyo face turned blood red, as he felt Yuki nuzzle his neck. "So that was our first spat?"

"Lovers spat," Yuki whispered into Kyoís ear.

Kyo shivered, turning his head, meeting Yukiís lips in a gentle kiss.

"You know I wasnít taking advantage of you," Kyo said, bending down picking up his shoes, "I just wanted you to be comfortable." Kyo grinned, "I barely even looked."

"Really," Yuki raised an eyebrow, "should I feel insulted? Maybe Iím just not appealing."

Kyo snorted, "not appealing." Kyo bent down, and hopped, while slipping one shoe on, "Yuki you do remember the ĎPrince Yuki fanclub?í All the girls and I have no doubt that some of the boys want to be with you."

Blushing, Yuki nodded, "oh, I forgot about that. But you know, youíre the only one I want to find me appealing," Yuki said, wrapping his arms around Kyoís waist, stopping him from putting his other shoe on.

Kyo smiled, hugging Yuki back, his shoe dangling from his finger. "Donít worry about that. I find you very appealing." Kyo kissed Yukiís neck, trailing hot kissed up to his ear.

Yuki titled his head back, practically curling his toes in pleasure.

Shigure passed Kyoís door and picked up an interesting noise, so being the curious dog that he was, he tip-toed over to the door, cracking it open. There stood Kyo, who was dressed in his school uniform, one shoe on, the other dangling from his fingers, his arms around a half-dressed Yuki, who had a bed spread draped over his shoulders. They were getting into a pretty heavy duty kiss just at the moment Shigure peeked into the room, and the dog was quite enjoying himself, being the perverted person that he was.

"My my, I would say, get a room, but well . . . youíre already in one."

Yuki, who had his back to the door, froze, while Kyo, raised his head and started to stare daggers at Shigure. "Get out of here, you perverted dog."

"Now, now, is that anyway to speak to your elders, Kyo-Kyo?"

Kyoís face was starting to turn red, but even so he didnít let go of Yuki. "Donít call me that," Kyo said, through gritted teeth.

Tohru who had heard all the commotion came running to the room. She turned red when she saw Kyo and Yuki. "Whatís all the yelling about," she asked, sounding worried?

"Nothing, nothing. I was just telling them to get a move on, or theyíd be late for school," Shigure lied.

Next thing Shigure know he was on the ground, staring dazed at a worried Tohru. "What happened," he asked, wincing in pain as he set up? His hand went to his head, coming away stained with a small amount of blood.

Tohru started to wring her hands, "well you see; Kyo called you a liar and heaved his shoe at your head."

"What?" Shigure started to pout, rubbing his head, "thatís not very nice."

"Well, were you lying?"

Shigure made a face, "oh . . . well yeah." Shigure started to grumble, "he didnít have to throw his shoe at me."

Tohru nodded, "I know, but he would have done a lot worse; before him and Yuki got together."

Putting a finger to his chin, Shigure nodded, "you have a point."

Tohru helped Shigure get to his feet, carful not to embrace him.

"Where are they," Shigure asked, noticing Kyo and Yuki were gone?

"Left for school. I stayed behind to make sure you were okay."

"Tohru, my sweet Tohru, you didnít have to do that for little ol me."

Tohru smiled, "of course I did."

"But now youíre going to be late for school. I know, Iíll drive you."

Tohru giggled, "Shigure, you donít even have a car."

"Thatís what you think; I borrowed Ayameís because I have a meeting today with Mii."

"Oh." Tohru looked at her watch. She still had plenty of time. Yuki and Kyo only left early because Yuki had a student council meeting. "Donít worry about it, Iím not late."

For the first time since waking up, Shigure looked at the clock. 7:30 it read. "Oh."

Kyo and Yuki had walked to school in silence. Once they got there, they separated and went their own ways. They were still not quite ready to let the school know about their relationship.

Kyo went to his favorite shade tree and set down, his thoughts on the lean nezumi, while Yuki made his way through the school halls, coming to the student council room.

A bunch of the girls looked up as Yuki walked into the room; most of them being in the ĎPrince Yuki fanclub.í The boys in the room also looked up; some jealous of the attention he got from the female student body and some lusting after the rat as well.

"Hello President Yuki."

Yuki smiled at the shy first year. "Morning Nani."

The girl beamed up at Yuki, pleased that he remembered her name.

Walking to the front of the classroom, Yuki placed himself behind the podium. "Any new business we need to discuss?"

The vice president raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Mika?"

"The theme of the school dance."

"School dance?"

Mika blushed, "you remember, the principle told us about it. Itís in two weeks."

Yuki nodded, "right, now I remember. Go on."

"Well," Mika looked down, biting her lip, "some of us thought of a theme; but we donít know if anyone will like it."

Yuki smiled, encouraging the girl to go on, "and?"

"Well, Nani, Toma, and myself, thought; why not a couples only theme."

Yuki raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, wait, please let me explain!"

"Of course, go on."

"We you know how hard it is to get the courage to ask someone out," Mika said.

Yuki nodded, while the others in the room said Ďyes.í

"Well if itís a couples only dance; youíd have to ask someone out, right? I mean if you really wanted to go."

"True," Yuki said, "anything else?"

"Yes," Mika said, standing up. "If people are still to afraid to ask someone out, but they really, really want to go, they can fill out a survey, Nani and I wrote, and be automatically paired off that way."

Nani raised her hand, and Yuki nodded to her.

"It could be a lot of fun. Think about it; you may not get whom you want, but that wonít stop you from having a great time, right?"

It was a pretty outrageous proposal, but Yuki could tell the girls really worked hard on it. "All right. Weíll put it to a vote. All in favor say Ay."

"Ay!" All the girls yelled. Some of the boys did too.

"All against, say nay."

"Nay," One boy said, rolling his eyes; he already knew the girls won.

Yuki smiled at Mika, "the Ays have it."

Mika looked over at Nani, giving her a thumbs up.

"Congratulations." Yuki said to the girls, "this certainly will be an interesting dance."

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