Chapter 5

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Tohru had just cleaned up, and was heading for her room with a happy look on her face. About time. HA! Aphrodite was right. Those two did like each other. Oh, itís just too cute. Wait till Uo and Hana finds out. I wonder how theyíll take it? Hmm, I donít think theyíd care. People in this town are more open to this sort of thing. Gayness and incest, I mean.

Hmm, Incest. I never really thought about that much. Itís true the Sohma family are all about interrelationships. Just look at Ayame and Shigure. And Kana and Hatori. Too bad, Akito broke them up. Kisa and Hiro are also a couple. And Kagura is in love with Kyo.

Ohh, poor Kagura. I wonder how sheís going to take the news? Gee, I feel really bad for her.

Ey, poor Kyo. Kaguraís going to have a few words for him. Sheíll probably beat him up as well.

"Tohru, ah Tohru," Shigure sang, as he walked into her room. He smiled at the small girl, and went to sit on her bed. "Say, can I ask you something?"

Tohru nodded and went to sit next to Shigure, "of course."

"Are you okay?"

A perplexed look crossed over Tohruís face, "what, I donít understand? Am I okay, about what?"

"Yuki and Kyo."

Tohru smiled, "oh that. Of course I am. Why shouldnít I be?"

Nodding, Shigure grinned, "good. So you didnít have feelings for either of them?"

"Shigure, Iíd be lying if I said no. I do have feelings for both of them. But, Iím okay, itís not like Iíve fallen love with them."

"I see, well if you ever want to talk, Iím here."

"Thanks." Tohru grinned, "oh and did you know: Ayame tried to molest you while you were sleeping." Tohru giggled at the look that passed over the cursed dogs face.

"Tut, tut, tut. Tohru youíre too young to be talking like that."

Tohru waved her hand, "oh please. Iíve seen every Sohma naked, and I canít talk about Ayame grabbing your crouch."

"WHAT? He grabbed me there?"

"Oh, well he was getting ready too, but I interrupted."

Shigure frowned, "what gives you the right to stop Aya from doing that," he teased.

Tohru blushed, "ya know? I am to young for this." Tohru jumped up and ran out of her room, the laughter of Shigure following her downstairs.

Aphrodite smiled, "ya see, father. It all worked out."

Zeus nodded, "yes, so it seems. You got lucky this time. The last couple you did this too, went mad."

Aphrodite frowned, "its not my fault the two wouldnít admit how they felt."

"Yes, of course. This is the last time weíre going to spy on them. We have to leave the mortals be."

"I know, I just wanted to make sure everything worked out."

"Itís true they admitted their feelings, but they still have a hard, long road."

Aphroditeís frown deepened, "yes. Being cursed, and in love with the same sex, and also related."

"Well that older couple seem to be doing okay."

"You mean the dog and the snake? Yes, they are doing okay."

The two Gods took one last look in their looking glass, where an image of Yuki and Kyo, set at the kitchen table gazing at each other. The image faded and the two Gods went back to their other Gods duties.

Kyo looked around the kitchen the hair on the back of his neck raising.

"Kyo, whatís wrong," Yuki asked, worried?

"Did you just feel like someone was watching us?"

Yuki smiled, "maybe Shigure is spying on us."

"No, no, he left with Ayame a little while ago, and Tohru is with Uo and Hana. Weíre all alone, but I could have sworn it felt like someone was watching us."

Yuki shrugged, "then I have no idea what it could be."

Kyo laughed, rubbing his neck, "maybe itís just my imagination."

Yuki nodded, "could be." Yuki looked down, biting his lip, "so weíre home alone," he said, slowly, his face burning?

Nodding, Kyo looked at Yuki, "yes. Hey," he reached out, placing his hand on Yukiís chin, rasing his head, so he could look Yuki in the eyes. "What is it?"

His blushing growing, Yuki shrugged, "nothing, really."

"Come on tell me. Are we already keeping secrets, hmm?"

Yuki and Kyoís faces were slowly getting closer. "No, I uh, just wanted . . . "

"Wanted, what?" Kyo interrupted, their faces even closer.

"N..ever mind," Yuki stuttered.

"Oh, come now, is Yuki going to be shy? That doesnít seem like you." Kyo subconsciously started to rub circles on Yukiís back.

Yuki stuck his lower lip out, in a very cute pout, "itís just Iíve never been . . . "

"In a relationship," Kyo finished for Yuki. "Thatís understandable for a zodiac member. Is that why youíre being so shy? Yuki, itís me, Kyo. Weíve known each other forever."

Yuki nodded. That was why he was being shy. "I know that Kyo, but not like this. Before we were always fighting about stupid stuff."

"Like a cat and mouse."

"Right, but we wonít let our cat and rat spirts get the better of us," Yuki asked, "right?"

"Of course not Yuki. I just admitted how I felt about you. You really think Iím going to let the cat get the better of me?" Kyo blushed, "Yuki, I told you I loved you. I want to be with you always."

Yuki felt his heart flutter, "always?" Their noses were now touching, and each were staring deeply into each others eyes.

"Yes always. Now please tell me, what did you want?"

Casting his eyes down, Yuki took a deep breath, then looked back up, into Kyo crimson colored eyes. "Just this . . . "

Kyo gasped, feeling Yukiís lips on his. Their first kiss. And truthfully, their first kiss ever.

Kyo parted his lips, moaning when Yuki boldly straddled his lap, wrapping his arms around Kyo.

Grinning into Kyoís lips, Yuki traced his tongue over his teeth, asking for entrance. Kyo hurriedly granted it, and their tongues fought for dominance. Yuki won.

Coming back for air, Kyo smirked, "whoa, dominate Yuki."

Yuki blushed. He still couldnít believe his actions. HE WAS SITTING IN KYOíS LAP! It felt nice, like Kyo was made for Yuki holding. Not saying anything, Yuki snuggled up against Kyoís chest.

Kyo smiled, running his fingers through Yukiís greyish locks. "I love you," he whispered.

Yuki didnít answer.

Kyo looked down and blushed. Yuki Sohma, the rat of the zodiac, was sitting in his lap, fast asleep, looking like an angel. Oh and he just kissed him.

"You donít have to answer," Kyo gently stood up, supporting Yuki in his arms, "I already know how you feel."

Kyo walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. He paused, when he came to Yukiís door. Smiling, Kyo passed Yukiís door, going to his own. Kicking the door open, Kyo entered and placed Yuki on his bed.

"What a day." Kyo leaned down, kissing Yuki on the cheek. Yuki made a cute mewling sound, but didnít wake. Kyo blushed, talking Yukiís shirt off. What, Iím only getting him comfortable. Nothing else! He then bit his tongue, pulling his pants off, leaving him in only his boxers. Next he undid his boots and took off his socks

"My, now I have a half naked nezumi in my bed." Kyo smiled. "I wonder what tomorrow holds."

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