Chapter 4

Kyo made his way through the woods, noticing all the wild rats that were scurrying toward where Yuki's garden lay. "He really must be upset, if his little woodland friends are coming to his aid." Kyo sighed, and picked up his pace.

"Meow." Kyo jumped, when a grey tabby with orange strips, jumped out of a tree, landing on his shoulder. I must be more upset then I though, too. The cat purred, and nuzzled against Kyo's neck.

"Aww," Kyo cooed, his crimson eyes lightning up at the sight of one of his fellows. He rubbed the tabby's fur, tickling it under its furry chin. The cat perked its head and stared at Kyo, as if saying something. "You're right. I am turning into a girl." The cat seemed to nod. "A nutty, awwing, talking to a cat, girl." Kyo rolled his eyes, and picked up his pace even more.

Kyo's ears perked up, very catlike when he heard a person humming a song, approaching him and the tabby. That sure Isn't Yuki. He's too cheerful. I don't have time to figure out who it is. Yuki is more important . . . Since when?

Since always. Ever since that first day we met. We were friends then, and we didn't know anything about the legend. Yuki was always smiling and happy. Then he changed, after Akito started to abuse him. To this day, nobody really knows what went on in that little room, Akito set aside for Yuki. That's when I decided to protect him. When I decided I loved him.

When did I forget that, I wonder?

After mother died, and I finally understood what the rat did to the cat in the legend. Yes, that's it. Everyone blamed me. ‘The child cursed by the cat was too much for the poor women,' people said. They started to shun me, more so then they did before.

But Yuki didn't, he always tried to start up our friendship again, but I wouldn't allow it, because I'd finally hit my breaking point. Yuki didn't understand, why I was so mean to him, or why I always picked fights with him.

Yuki wasn't the only one, I'm just now realizing. Shigure never ridiculed me. Neither did Hatsuharu nor Momiji, and Kagura certainly didn't. For that matter, Hatori and Ayame didn't either. Nor Kisa or Hero. Yeah so the brat picked fights with me, but only because he was a brat.

I can't believe I'm just opening my eyes to this. None of the members of the actual Zodiac were ever like the other Sohmas.

Haru and Yuki always fought with me, but only because I usually started the fights.

Kyo had been so lost in though, that he had stopped walking. He was currently staring off into space, a glazed look in his crimson eyes. The tabby on his shoulder ‘meowed' loudly bringing him out of his thoughts.

Coming out of his thoughts, Kyo took off running, for the garden, forgetting all about the humming person he had overheard.

Kyo bit his tongue as he watched Yuki pull at weeds. The teens face was wet from spilled tears, and every once and a while he paused what he was doing, to look off into the distance, with a far off look on his handsome face.

Yes handsome! I don't care anymore. I accept these feelings. I'd go nuts if I don't. Yuki is very handsome, cute and beautiful. Not only that, but his body is so appealing. No wonder the girls at school call him Prince Yuki.

Kyo sighed. The girls wouldn't recognize the Prince now. He didn't normally show emotion, other then kindness, gentleness and calmness around them.

The cat on Kyo's shoulder jumped off, giving Kyo's foot a nudge. Kyo glanced down at the cat and smiled. Ah, so you can tell I want to go to him?

The cat quietly ‘meowed' as if saying yes.

Alright. I just hope Yuki doesn't push me away. I wouldn't blame him if he did, though.

Walking quietly and slowly, Kyo made his way closer to Yuki.

Yuki froze, hearing someone coming up behind him. He had no idea who it could be, and was slightly worried. What if it was one of those weirdos? Or a big wild animal? Closing his eyes tight, Yuki turned around. He peeked one eye open and stared confused at the pair of boots his eyes were seeing. He looked up, and found himself staring at a very upset looking Kyo.

Kyo tried to speak, but found his words were locked away, from being so overjoyed at finding Yuki before he did anything stupid in his stressed state. So instead he fell into the soil next to Yuki taking his dirt covered hand in his.

Yuki looked at Kyo, then to their clasped hands, then back to Kyo. His eyes were wide, and he was starting to blush. "K..Kyo,"

Kyo shrugged, reaching out, wiping the tears off Yuki's face. "I'm sorry," he finally got out.

Yuki was shocked. Kyo was being so gentle with him. "What? Why?"

Kyo looked down, biting his lower lip. "I forgot."

"Forgot? Forgot what?"

Kyo's shoulders started to shake. Yuki was flabbergasted, Kyo never cried. At least he had never seen him cry. And he certainly was now, because Yuki could see the drops hit the dark soil.

"What did you forget," Yuki asked again?

"I forgot my promise. I broke my promise."

Not thinking, Yuki pulled Kyo to himself, wrapping him in a warm hug. Kyo tensed at first, but relaxed, wrapping his arms around Yuki.

"What promise," Yuki asked, gently rubbing soothing circles on Kyo's back?

"We were friends. After Akito....I promised. I promised I'd protect you. I forgot. I got so angry after my mom died, I forgot we were friends, and about my promise."

Yuki squeezed Kyo to his chest tighter, feeling very moved. "Kyo....I'm okay. Akito...he hasn't bugged me in a long time, so you didn't really brake your promise."

"But I did," Kyo shouted. "I wanted to protect you from everything, not just Akito. And I failed that today! I don't know why you ran out upset. But you shouldn't of been upset."

"You....oh," Yuki sighed. "Don't worry about it Kyo. Um, a person can't really protect someone from everything."

"I know, I guess I felt bad. Seeing you cry made me remember the last time I saw you cry. It made me remember."


"RememberIFellInLoveWithYouThatDay," Kyo said in a rush, his cheeks heating up. How could I have fell in love with him? I was so young, but I didn't care. It didn't bother me that Yuki was a boy either. All I knew was that I loved him, and never wanted to see him cry again.....then I forgot....and Akito hurt him more. But I remember now. I'm so glad, what if I never remembered.

"I didn't understand you," Yuki whispered.

Here it goes......."Yuki, I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear from me. Me being the person I am, and how I've treated you all these years. But I fell in love with you that day. I'm ashamed that I let myself suppress that feeling after mom died. YUKI I STILL LOVE YOU!"

Kyo frowned when Yuki froze, his mouth open in a ‘o' of shock. Had he blown it? Maybe Yuki would be disgusted.

Kyo started to get up, more tears coming to his crimson eyes. "I...I'm sorry. I can't help how I feel. Please don't hate me." Kyo stood up straight, and turned to go, feeling like his heart had been split in two. Yuki doesn't feel the same way. I should of known. I'll have to leave Shigure's, I won't be able to stand living in the same house as Yuki, knowing he truly hates me now.

Kyo had only taken a couple steps, when he felt a hand grab his sweater.


Turning around Kyo yelped when Yuki glomped him so hard, they both fell to the ground. Kyo was dazed for a moment, but a big smile broke out on his tear stained face. "Yuki," Kyo whispered.

"Kyo. That's just what I wanted to hear. You have no idea. I forgot too. I'm as much as to blame as you. Kyo, I've loved you ever since that day too, when you wiped my tears and gave me a hug."

"Really, so you....."

"Yes, that feeling never went away, and only grew without me realizing it. I ran out of Tohru's room today, because I had a dream about you....that really confused me, and really made me realize my hidden feelings for you."

Kyo smiled, "you dreamed about me?"

"Yes, and don't you dare ask what the dream was about." Yuki blushed, "I've forgot most of it by now."

Pushing Yuki off him, Kyo stood up, and helped Yuki to his feet. "We need to get back, Yuki. Tohru will be worried."

"Tohru," Yuki said, surprised?

"Yes, she woke up as you were leaving."

Smiling Yuki shyly grabbed Kyo's hand, "lets go then."

"Oh!" Tohru jumped off the couch, running to the door. Tohru pulled open the door, and a smile lit up her face. "Oh, what brings you here, Aya?"

Ayame smiled, his brilliant, white toothed smile, that usually made women and men alike swoon on the spot. Sweeping his long white hair behind his shoulders, Ayame walked into the house, his long red coat flowing from the breeze.

"Ah, princess, how are the men treating you?" Aya put an arm on Tohru's shoulder, carful not to embrace her.

Tohru felt her cheeks heat up. "Oh, they're treating me just fine."

Aya took a good look at Tohru's face, their noses almost touching. Tohru started to feel a little bit claustrophobic, and quite flustered. "Are you sure, princess? Your face seems a bit flushed."

"S..sure. Oh, I did have a fever earlier, but I'm fine now, really I am." Tohru sighed, relived when Ayame backed away from her.

"That's good to hear. Now as to why I'm here," Ayame's eyes brightened up, "where's Shigure, he and I need to talk?"

Tohru blushed again, but this time for a different reason, "oh . . . oh, um he is in his office. I'm sure he'll welcome the break." He is always trying to get out of writing anyway.

Ayame beamed, and practically floated down the hallway. Getting to Shigure's office door, he peeked in. Ayame held back a childish giggle, when he saw Shigure sitting at his desk with a magazine over his head, apparently asleep.

Too cute. Ayame slowly and quietly walked into the room, closing the door. He then proceeded to tip-toe, snicking up behind Shigure's chair.

"Gure," Ayame purred in Shigure's ear

Shigure mumbled, but didn't wake.

This might work. "Oh, Gure." Ayame slid the magazine off Shigure's face, and slowly turned his chair around. Once the chair was away from the desk, Ayame set down in his lap, and gave him a light gentle kiss on his lips.

Shigure's eyes fluttered but the man still didn't wake.

Ayame started to pout. What do I have to do, to get to you? Ayame's eyes trailed down Shigure's chest, landing on the bulge in his robes. It could work.

With a smirk on his handsome face, Ayame tip-toed his fingers down Shigure's chest. He bit his lower lip in anticipation, when his hand rested at the top of Shigure's waist.

Tohru smiled, walking toward Shigure's office. Not questioning why the door was closed, Tohru opened it and walked in. "Hey, Di . . . ahh," Tohru shrieked, covering her eyes. "I'm so sorry," Tohru whispered.

Ayame groaned, removing himself from Shigure's waist. He looked at the man, resisting the urge to shake him awake. He couldn't believe he was still asleep, after his little tip-toeing fingers, kiss and Tohru's shriek.

Ayame straightened up to his full height, glaring at Tohru. It was a short-lived glare, because almost nobody could stay mad at the girl. "It's fine, Tohru. Perhaps you know of a way to wake this lunk head?"

Tohru nodded, "uh huh. Dinners will be ready soon," she yelled.

Shigure shot up, "Huh, what? Oh, hey Tohru, hey Ayame. Dinner, did you say?"

The small teen nodded, forcing a giggle back, at the look Ayame was giving Shigure.

You won't wake when I'm practically molesting you, but when food is mentioned you're up right away.

"What's the matter, Aya?" Shigure asked, noticing the slight crossed look on his normally cheery face.

Ayame smiled, forgetting all about being crossed. He couldn't possibly be crossed at Shigure when the man was giving him that cute, worried look. "Nothing at all, Gure," Ayame purred, pulling the man into a hug.

Shigure blushed a deep red when he felt Ayame's hands groping his behind. "G..good."

Ayame smirked, placing a kiss behind Shigure's ear.

Tohru, the poor girl, by this time, had fled the room, blushing madly.

Shigure smiled into Ayame's neck, "you scared Tohru away."

"Good, now I can do this." Ayame pulled away from Shigure and gently shoved him back in his desk chair.

Shigure turned purple, and bit his tongue when Ayame straddled his lap. "What exactly are you doing," Shigure asked, moaning when he felt Ayame wiggle on his lap, trying to find a comfortable position.

Ayame didn't answer, he just leaned forward and kissed Shigure. Shigure moaned, and wrapped his arms around Ayame, deepening the kiss.

"Mm." Ayame nibbled on Shigure's lower lip. Then trailed a line of kisses down the mans neck, making him shiver. Keeping his eyes on Shigure's, Ayame slowly untied his robe, gently pushing the cloth off his shoulders.

The cold air on his bare chest surprised Shigure. He looked down, blinking. He looked up at Ayame, a perplexed look on his face. "When did that happen," he asked, in breathless voice?

Ayame smirked, running his hands up and down Shigure's chest. "I dunno. Maybe you didn't tie your robe properly."

"Oh, that must be it." Shigure rolled his eyes, yelping when he felt Ayame's hand at the base of his member. "Ayame," Shigure scolded. "Naughty, naughty, boyfriend."

Ayame pulled away, and started to pout.

"No pouting. The boys will be home any minute and Tohru is liable to walk in."

Ayame nodded, still pouting. "Fine, I understand." Ayame smirked, grabbing Shigure between the legs, giving him a nice squeeze. Laughing, he let go, getting off Shigure's lap.

Shigure moaned, as he watched Ayame glide away. "I need to go to the bathroom now. Dang Ayame."

By the time the two had reached the house, they dropped hands, not quite ready for others to know of their relationship yet.

Opening the door, Kyo went in first, and watched amused as a giddy Ayame waltzed to the kitchen, while a slightly crossed Shigure hobbled to the bathroom.

Yuki walked in and saw the two as well. Yuki rolled his eyes, but for once understood how Ayame could act so giddy and happy about Shigure being his boyfriend, now that he and Kyo confessed their feelings.

"You okay?"

Yuki turned to Kyo, "sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh, you know, because Ayame is here. The two of you never seem to get along."

Yuki smiled, "oh, we've been doing better. He's not as annoying as he used to be."

"Good, come on, it looks like dinner is ready."Kyo went to grab Yuki's hand, but faltered. It seemed so natural, to grab his hand. Why should I care, what the others think? Wait! I don't care.

Yuki looked at Kyo surprised when he took his hand. "Kyo," Yuki questioned?

Kyo smiled, shrugging his shoulders, "they'll find out sooner or later. So why not sooner?"

"If you don't care I don't care."

"I don't care."

"Me either."

"In that case, lets go. I'm starving." Yuki laughed, and let himself be dragged to the livingroom.

Tohru looked up and both boys were surprised to see a happy, about time look on her face. "Dinners ready." Tohru smiled, and went to the kitchen.

"That's all she says," Kyo muttered. "Dinners ready?"

"I know," Yuki whispered, "I thought she'd be at least surprised."

"Or upset even. We're both dashing guys ya know," Kyo teased.

"Full of yourselves you mean."

Both boys jumped, turning around to see a chuckling Shigure. Kyo and Yuki noted that he wasn't wobbling anymore.

"We are not full of ourselves," Kyo yelled.

Shigure put his hands up in defense, "I was only joking. All have you know, Tohru was never interested any of ya."

"Well that is a relief, I wouldn't want her to be hurt." Yuki smiled.

"Ah." Shigure raised an eyebrow, "and why would she be upset?"

Kyo and Yuki both blushed, and for the first time, Shigure noticed they were holding hands. "Ah, I see. Aww, isn't that just cute."

"Shudup," both teens yelled, blushing madly.

Ayame poked his head into the living room his eyes going to Kyo and Yuki's clasped hands. "Ahh, my baby brother. I'm so flattered," he cried, running into the room, grabbing Yuki into a tight hug, "so you do take after me after all?"

Yuki grunted and tried to pull away, but Ayame's hold on him was to much. "Yes, Ayame, in a strange way I take after you."

"Well, of course I always knew it. You're just too pretty to be a ladies man." Ayame beamed, letting go of Yuki and going to stand by Shigure. "Ain't I right, Gure?"

"Of course, Aya, I suspected it as well."

Yuki glared at both men, "what, you guys thought I was gay?"

Shigure looked at Yuki and blinked, "well, you are, aren't you?"

Yuki was about to yell ‘no,' but paused, well wasn't he? He hadn't thought of it that way. "Oh, I guess I am."

"Am what," Tohru asked, walking into the living room, holding a large dinner plate?

Shigure smirked, "gay!"

"Great." Tohru put the plate down on the table. "Now we can talk about cute boys," she teased.

"You've hung out with Shigure too much, Tohru," Kyo muttered.

Tohru laughed, "maybe. But it's true. Kyo you two are holding hands, so I'm guessing, you've admitted your feelings."

"Yes," both boys said at the same time.

"Wait," Kyo exclaimed, "how did you know we had feelings to admit?"

"Oh, just a guess." Tohru smiled, and gave each person a bowl off the dinner plate, "eat up."

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