Chapter 3

Tohru was in the middle of deciding if she should wake the two boys up, or let them wake up on their own, when she fell into another sleep. This time, a regular dreamless sleep.

Yuki grinned at the orange haired teen, who was currently above him. How had they gone from fierce enemies to this? Yuki didn't know, and at the moment he didn't really care. He was too busy, watching as Kyo ran his hands up his shirt.

"Aha," Yuki moaned, "that . . . "

"Felt good," Kyo smirked, pinching Yuki's budding nipple again. Once again, Yuki moaned, throwing his head back. Kyo grinned, liking the reactions he could get out of the teen.

"Hm," Yuki nodded, his voice not working at the moment.

"Cat got your tongue?"

Yuki smirked, "not yet," he said, moaning when he felt Kyo lick a trail up his stomach to his nipple.

Yuki set up, letting Kyo slip his shirt off. He then laid back down, yelping when he felt Kyo's mouth attach to his nipple again.

Kyo kissed up Yuki's neck, getting to his chin, and finally his mouth. At once, Yuki parted his mouth, and two tongues fought for dominance. Kyo smirked, having won, he started to suck on Yuki's tongue.

Both boys came back for air, grinning. "Cat had your tongue," Kyo teased.

Yuki's violet eyes shot open, as he gasped for breath. It took him a few minutes before he remembered where he was. His chest heaving, Yuki noticed someone had their arms around him in a protective hold. Yuki didn't want to look down. But he knew he had to look. He was sure that he knew who it was. Yuki finally looked down his eyes going wide. Even though he guessed it was Kyo who held him, it still shocked him to see the boy snuggled up against his side, with a content smile on his beautiful face . . .

Wait! What!? Beautiful, where did that thought come from? Kyo is not beautiful. Cute, sure . . . WHAT! Cute. Mind, get those thoughts out of your head. NOW!

Yuki watched as Kyo slept, and blushed, when the teen mumbled something which clearly sounded like his name.

Huh? Why is he dreaming about me?

Oh, and you're really one to talk, Yuki's inner voice taunted, You do remember your dream?

Yuki sighed. Yeah, he remembered it. How could he not? It had felt so real. Yuki blushed thinking about the dream. Yuki had never been kissed or touched like that. He wondered if he ever would? And who would the person doing it be?

Yuki's thoughts went back to the dream, and without realizing it, he was starting to touch himself. "Kyo . . . " the rat moaned.

Yuki jolted up, gasping in shock. Kyo was thrown off him, and the crimson eyed teen opened his eyes, blinking in confusion. He saw Yuki sitting. All crouched up, breathing really hard.

"Are you okay," Kyo asked, sounding confused and worried. He rubbed his head, wondering why it hurt so much. He didn't realize, that pain was from Yuki, throwing him off him.

Yuki didn't answer. He was too deep in though. Frustrated tears came to his eyes, making Kyo feel even more confused, and quite scared. Yuki shakingly got to his feet and fled the room.

Kyo watched him go, frowning. He jumped to his feet and went to chase the distressed teen, but a small voice stopped him in his tracks.


Kyo turned around, and looked at Tohru. He felt torn in two. He really wanted to go see if Yuki was okay, and see what was wrong. And then there was Tohru. "Tohru, you're awake," Kyo said, his eyes darting to the door. Yuki had been so distressed. Kyo desperately wanted to go check on him. But why? Yuki was supposed to be his enemy, and yet Kyo felt his heart break at the sight of him crying. It was almost as if he was in lo . . . NO, IT'S NOT THAT! Kyo shook his head, trying to get that thought out of his head.

Tohru frowned. Kyo looked like he was having some sort of fit. He was shaking his head, and his eyes were wide, in what looked like fear, worry, and something else, she couldn't place. "K...Kyo," Tohru shouted, as tears came to his eyes.

Kyo didn't answer. He seemed to be lost in thought. At least that's what Tohru guessed.

"KYO," This time she shouted louder, even though it hurt her throat.

Shigure ran into the room, having heard Tohru's shouts. His eyes went to the tired, but healthy looking girl, to the shaking, fearful boy. "What in the world." Shigure ran to Kyo, who now seemed to be in silent shock. "Tohru?"

Understanding what Shigure meant by saying her name, Tohru shrugged. "I woke up, to see Yuki run out of the room in tears. Kyo went to follow and I called out his name. Then Kyo turned to face me. It looked like he got hit by a sudden thought that throughly shocked him."

Shigure nodded, "anything else?"

Tohru scrunched up her nose trying to remember. "Oh, I woke up earlier and Kyo and Yuki were asleep on the floor. And in their sleep they started to cuddle up against each other."

An amused smirk flashed across Shigure's face, but was quickly replaced by worry. "Kyo," Shigure snapped his fingers in front of Kyo's face. "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Kyo looked up at Shigure, and blinked in confusion. "Huh? Hey, Shigure, when did you get here?" Kyo straightened up, seeming to be his old self.

"You okay," Shigure asked?

Kyo shrugged, "sure, why shouldn't I be?" Oh, yeah. I forgot. I freaked out when I thought I might actually like . . . I still can't get used to that . . . Care, yeah, I'll use that word. I freaked out when I thought I cared about Yuki . . . YUKI!!!!

Kyo pulled away from Shigure and ran out of Tohru's room.

Tohru and Shigure looked at each other and shrugged. "Something's different, about those two," Shigure whispered to Tohru.

Tohru nodded, her thoughts going to her strange dreams. Could she have really been telling the truth? NO, NO, it was only a dream.

Kyo raced to Yuki's room, not bothering knocking, he shoved the door open. The rat was nowhere to be found. Kyo looked everywhere, knowing in his heart that the teen might have transformed. Something someone cursed by the Zodiac did, whenever they were greatly stressed, sick, or hugged by the opposite sex. And Yuki was sensitive to that, more so then the others. He had a very weak heart.

"Yuki," Kyo called out?

No answer. He must not be in his room. So where is he?

"In his secret base."

Kyo whipped around, seeing Tohru weakly leaning against Yuki's doorframe. He went to her side, helping her downstairs. Once downstairs, he set her on the couch. "What did you mean?"

Tohru smiled, "you were looking for Yuki, right?"

Kyo nodded, " . . .

Tohru's smile grew. Does he look worried? Am I still dreaming? Tohru looked at Kyo and blinked in surprise. The boy seemed to be frozen, his mouth open, getting ready to say something. Okay, now I know, I'm still dreaming.

No, you are not dear, a female voice spoke in Tohru's head.

Tohru bit her tongue to keep from yelling in alarm. Aphrodite, she questioned?

Yes, I told you I was real. I did grant your wish. And it worked a little too well.

What do you mean?

Well, the best as I can tell, is the two boys already liked each other, deep down. They were both just too proud to admit it to their selves. I just made it so they would. Now it's up to them to admit it to each other.

I'm still confused. Are you saying, they like, liked each other?

Aphrodite giggled in Tohru's head. I know it seems strange. Two boys, who on the outside, hated each other, really had feelings for one and another. But they didn't realize it because of that cat and mouse lie. They were two busy fighting because of that, and also they were envious of what the other had. Kyo of Yuki's acceptance into the Sohma family. Yuki of Kyo's acceptance into regular society.

Tohru nodded. She knew that, both had told her as much. I'm happy, for them. Now that they have admitted it to their selves, I hope they will admit it to each other.

As do I.

The room blurred and Tohru grabbed her head when a pain shot through it.

" . . . Yes. Hey, Tohru are you okay?"

Tohru blinked up at Kyo. He was moving again, and it was clear that he hadn't heard that voice. "Oh..oh, I'm fine," she lied. "Just a headache."

Kyo nodded, still looking worried. "You were saying something about Yuki."

"Oh, right. I said he would probably be in his secret base." Tohru smiled at the memory, of first seeing the base. She had been so happy. Finally someone was letting her go to a secret base. All the little boys in her childhood never let her go. They always said, 'girls were not allowed.'

Kyo didn't know anything about a secret base. Maybe he'd been told of it, but if that was the case, he couldn't remember. "What . . . uh, where is it?"

Tohru smiled, "It is his garden."

Kyo knew of that. "Oh," Kyo exclaimed, turning, he started to run out of the front door, but stopped, his hand on the doorknob. "Will you be okay alone?"

"Of course," Tohru smiled, "Shigure is in his office. I'll yell if I need him."

"Okay, we'll be right back." With that said, Kyo fled the house.

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Chapter 4

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