Harry Potter Fanfiction

Playing With Pleasure
Author: Rikku
Rating: T17!
Length: 2 chapters
Warnings: AU! PWP. Lemons aka sex, slash, voyeurism, twincest, incest, shota, minors having sex with older men, threesomes, moresomes, twisted truth or dare, obvious OOCness for some people and done on purpose for this is just a steamy pwp fic, which I hope is humorous too.
Pairings: Ron/Harry/Neville, Remus/Sirius, Fred/George, Fred/George/Ron/Harry, Remus/Sirius/Ron/Harry, many pairings not all planned out. Theyíll just happen as I write this.
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Harry and Ron admitted their feelings at a very young age. Years later it's found out and something very lemony starts to rule their lives.

When I write about Neville, Iím thinking about Mathew Louis. Without all the stuff they make him wear, Mathew is a real cutie patootie. Such an innocent looking shy boy. And I love him!

Note: Yes, this is basically a pwp, where nobody really thinks much of having sex with whoever when the mood is right, as long as their loverís okay with it. *Iím in that kind of mood it seems*

Figuring Out Some Things
Author: Rikku
Rating: T16 (Will get T16 later)
Length: 3 chapters
Warnings: Slash/yaoi, AU, OOC, incest
Pairings: Undecided
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Why do I have to take after my brothers, Ron asks himself? Ron is going through a big thing in his teenage life. Figuring out his sexuality. He is pretty sure he is gay, when he finds out he's crushing on Harry and gasp Draco.

Off To See the Wizard
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13 (For now)
Length: 1 chapters
Warnings: yaoi and maybe yuri.....maybe. AU, ooc.
Pairings: None yet.
Status: Incomplete
Summary: HARRY POTTER/BUFFY XOVER! Takes Place: Harry Potter: HP year Seven Buffy: 3 months after the last episode Angel: After Spike turns corporeal in season five.

Three months after Willow did the spell to activate the potentials, the Scoobies learned that a few have been activated in Scotland. They are called to go there and train those few.

Volunteered and I Love You, Don't Hate Me
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13
Length: 2 chapter
Warnings: Slash/yaoi, femslash/yuri, incest, lemon on second story
Pairings: First story you'll see, second story George/Fred
Status: two complete oneshots
Summary: Volunteered: You should never and I mean never volunteer for something Fred and George wants you to do. I bet six teens from Hogwarts wish they knew this fact. Fred and George wants people to volunteer to test their new products.

ILYDHM: Birthday gift to Jennie! Happy 19th. Fred's in Love, but with George!

Author: Rikku
Rating: T13
Length: 1 chapter
Warnings: Slash/yaoi
Pairings: Harry/Ron
Status: complete-oneshot
Summary: Kissing Lessons can be fun. Something is bothering Ron, and it's up to Harry to find out what.