Fruits Basket Fanfiction

Cosplay Complex
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13 (for now)
Length: 1 chapter
Warnings: Yaoi, shounen ai, AU, cross dressing
Pairings: ?
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Everyone watch out! Ayame is looking for members to join his new cosplay club. Will the Sohma's be forced to join?.

One True Wish
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13 (for now)
Length: 10 chapter
Warnings: Yaoi, yuri, AU, OOC
Pairings: Ayame/Shigure, Yuki/Kyo, Haru/Momiji, Hana/Tohru
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Tohru Honda is tired of Yuki and Kyo’s fighting, and falls into a depression, making herself sick. At first nobody can figure out why, but when they do, Kyo and Yuki agree to a truce. But what happens when Tohru makes a wish for the two boys to truly get along, but it’s granted a little too well, if you catch my meaning.

Of Rabbits and Lies
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13 (for now)
Length: 6 chapter
Warnings: Yaoi, AU, OOC
Pairings: Kyo/Yuki so far
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Momiji is sad thinking about all the time he has lost with his sister, Momo. Someone is there for him, to help him feel better. And will Momo ever be told of the Sohma secret and that Momiji is her brother?

Looking Your Way
Author: Rikku
Rating: T13
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Yaoi
Pairings: Kyo/Haru
Status: complete
Summary: It's that time a year again and this year Haru will make his feelins known. But what's this? Haru likes his rival, Kyo!