Looking Your Way

AU Fic! Yaoi warning, of course. Short oneshot.


Being alone this time a year kinda leaves a guy rather depressed. Now there’s nothing wrong with this person; he is of good looks, height and build. He just doesn’t have anyone. Not to say he hasn’t been approached. Yes, he’d been approached by many young females that are also of good looks. But this guy just isn’t interested. He figured he was just waiting for that one special girl and that there was nothing at all odd about him turning down those other girls.

But there, in his opinion, was one odd thing. He found himself gazing at non other then his rival. Now you probably ask: What’s wrong with that? Well, to him everything is wrong with that. His rival wasn’t some cute girl, he’s… yes I said he… is a male. As in a guy! And then there’s the problem with him being his cousin.

The guy in question goes by the name of Hatsuharu Sohma and the rival goes by the name of Kyo Sohma.

Living with a curse is hard enough for Haru, but finding himself falling for his red haired cousin… well that’s a lot more hard.

At first Haru and Kyo’s relationship was nothing but a rivalry of trying to be the best marital artist in Kyo’s father’s dojo.

Because of this, the two always seemed to be fighting.

Since their rivalry started at a very young age, the two just grew to dislike each other.

But now things seem to be changing; well for Haru at least.


“Just what are you doing?” Yuki Sohma, a older cousin to Haru asked, staring at the white and black haired teen.

Haru glanced up at Yuki; the handsome rat prince, giving a shrug.

“Thinking, I suppose.” Haru mumbled. He was sitting on Shigure’s couch, his knees pulled up to his chest.

“About what? And why do you need to came all the way here to do this thinking?” Yuki crossed his arms, leaning against the wall.

Haru didn’t want to say the only reason he came over here was for the chance to get a glance at the one person who had his mind in an uproar.

He was so confused by these feelings. Sure by now he knew what they meant, but still he was finding it hard to come to terms that he could actually be gay and in love with his cousin.

“Stuff.” was Haru’s simple answer.


“Haru! Get out of my room!” Kyo blared, his eyes wild. He hated it when people invaded his space.

Haru gave Kyo a sad look; a look that actually made Kyo’s breath catch in his throat. Why would Haru look sad? Kyo shook his head, trying to get rid of those sad eyes; they were plaguing his mind.


“Haru! Didn’t I tell you to get out?” Kyo sighed, flopping down on his bed.

“Yes,” Haru nodded, “here!” Haru flung something at Kyo and took off.

Kyo grunted when a box hit his head, landing in his lap.

‘A present…’

Confused, Kyo picked up the package. Slowly he started to unwrap it.

Unwrapped, Kyo dumped the contents into his hands.

‘Clink.’ Something silver landed in his hands.

It wasn’t something any guy would ever be caught dead wearing; it was a pendent that had three charms on it.

Kyo blinked, mouth hanging open. This pendent could only mean one thing.

Haru loved him!

But how did Kyo know that?

Well he figured that out because the charms were a small cow, a cat and in-between them a heart.


“Haru, what’s the meaning of this?” Kyo held up the pendent, his cheeks a little red.

Haru blushed, “doesn’t it speak for itself?”

“Yes, I wanna hear it out loud, though.”

Trembling, Haru stepped closer to Kyo, “I’ve fallen for you. They say opposites attract…” Haru smiled, softly, “we couldn’t be more opposite, right?”

Kyo grabbed Haru’s hand, placing the pendent in it. Haru’s eyes watered; Kyo was turning him down.

“Put it on me?” Kyo asked, flushing.

Haru grinned, a brilliant smile. “Yes, of course!” he said, moving around Kyo, so he could put the pendent on him.

“Kyo, does this mean… have you… do you feel the same way?” Haru asked.

Pendent on, Kyo turned around to face Haru; he leaned forward, lightly kissing him on the lips.

“Does that answer your question?” The cat asked, with a smirk.

Haru touched his tingling lips, his eyes wide; he nodded, “y-yeah.”

Biting his lower lip, Haru leaned closer to Kyo, “can we do that again?”

Kyo chuckled, “heck yeah.”

Moving closer to each other, Haru and Kyo wrapped their arms around each other, sharing sweet, sweet kisses.

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