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Below you will find information concerning your state and its Green Party status. Use this information to guide you in a course of action in your state. The information was compiled and distributed by Leif Brecke, webmaster of The Collective to Draft Jello Biafra President .
Greetings, I've compiled some information on how we can win this campaign- how we can send Jello Biafra supporters to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Colorado. This is not campaign strategy or tactics, just an explaination of what each state goals must be. Please Correct me if you find any of this information to be in error. Most Green Parties select delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention by a State Nominating Convention, they may also endorse a candidate as a state. In some states endorsements are done by primary, but selection of delegates is done by convention. In New York, endorsements and selection of candidates is done by primary.

Voting By Convention

When seeking to pack a Green Party convention with Jello Biafra supporters, make sure they are registered Green Party members, pay dues if required, and that you have about the same number of Jello supports as are expected to attend the convention. Make sure you have as many Jello supporters running as the # of delegates to be voted on. If 35 people normally attend your Green Party convention, expect 50 to show up for the nominating convention- bring at least 50 Jello Biafra supporters. If 25 people normally attend the conventions, bring 35. Yes, its that easy for Jello to win in most states. I have categorized the status of Green Parties in each state into 5 basic categories: ASGP* Affiliated State Green Parties With Ballot Access, ASGP* Affiliated State Green Parties Without Ballot Access, Unaffiliated or Applying State Green Parties, States with Local Green Organizations, and States without any Green Party contacts. All of the ASGP affiliated states will have or have had Nominating Conventions to choose their delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention, except New York. New York will be chosen through a primary, I believe. States with Local Green Organizations and States without any Green Party contacts must be organized into State Green Parties before delegations will be chosen. That means that if you want Jello to win Idaho, you must first start the Green Party of Idaho (Actually, you would first start a local chapter, say a Boise Green Party, then help establish chapters around the rest of the state, then finally form a state party.) *Association of State Green Parties

ASGP Affiliated States With Ballot Access

California, Green Party of- 1008 10th St., #482, Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: 916.488.3437
Web Page:
Three candidates on the ballot for state party endorsement, write-in Jello Biafra. Delegates chosen at convention.

Colorado, Green Party of- 1085 14th St., #1287 Boulder, CO 80302
Telephone: 303-575-1631
Web Page:
The GP of Colorado will be hosting the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention on June 24h.

Connecticut, Green Party of- P.O. Box 231214 Hartford, CT 06123-1214
Telephone: Thomas Sevigny - 860-693-8344 Amy Vas Nunes - 860-487-1197
E-Mail: Thomas Sevigny - Amy Vas Nunes -

Hawaii, Green Party of- Ira Rohter 1684 Halekoa Dr. Honolulu, HI 96821
Telephone: 808-732-5497
Web Page:

Maine, Green Independent Party of-
Web Page: http://www.mainegreens.orgConvention on Saturday, May 13 or 20, 2000 location TBA - Bangor, Maine 9:00am - 5:00pm

New Mexico Green Party- website:

New York, Green Party of- website: Jello Biafra is listed on the ballot in the primary. Also Jello Biafra supporters are running for delegate positions. A G/GPUSA affiliate.

Oregon, Pacific Green Party of-
Endorsed Nader via convention. Delegates already chosen- most are either Nader supporters, Joel Kovel supporters, or uncommitted.

Wisconsin- A G/GPUSA affiliate. Info coming soon.

Wyoming- A G/GPUSA affiliate. Info coming soon.

Washington D.C. Info coming soon.

ASGP Affiliated States Without Ballot Access

Arizona Green Party- P.O. Box 60173, Phoenix, AZ 85082-0173
Telephone:(602) 417-0213
Web Page:

Arkansas, Green Party of- HCR 67 Box 50, Waldron, AR 72958
Telephone: 501.637.4471
E-Mail:, Web Page: Delegate selection decided Saturday, February 5th, 2000, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM At the UALR Wesley Foundation at the intersection of 32nd and Taylor Streets, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Georgia Green Party- P.O. Box 5332 Atlanta GA 31107
Telephone: 1-800-447-6694

Web Page: A G/GPUSA affiliate. 2000 Nominating Convention of the Georgia Green Party! March 18th, 2000, 10:00 am until 4:00pm Koininia Farms, Sumter County South of Americus Georgia on Ga. Hwy 49. (pending confirmation of location) Delegates will be chosen.

Massachusetts Green Party- PO Box 1311 Lawrence, MA 01842
Telephone: 978-688-2068
"Saturday, March 25, 8:30 AM - 6PM Statewide Presidential Nominating Convention Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA- Agenda and credentialing information will be available at the beginning of February. We encourage folks to pre-register and make our jobs easier. However, you will be able to register at the door as well. Watch this site for more information, or email" A G/GPUSA affiliate.MBR
Web Page: Site includes information on Jello Biafra for President.

Michigan, Green Party of- Craig Harvey 14 Payeur Road Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Telephone: (313) 971-8576
Web Page: A G/GPUSA affiliate. The Green Party of Michigan needs your help for our petition drive for ballot access in 2000! Without ballot access, we will not be able to run candidates at any level.

Minnesota- A G/GPUSA affiliate. Ballot status unknown.

Nevada, Green Party of- P.O. Box 9056 Reno, NV 89507-9056
Telephone: (775) 853-2935 or (775)787-8935
E-Mail: or
A G/GPUSA affiliate. Ballot status unknown.

New Jersey- Website:
Presidential candidate placement by signature drive. Start a signature drive for Jello Biafra.

Information on Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia coming soon.

Unaffiliated or Applying State Green Parties

Alaska, Green Party of- 536 W. 13th Av., Anchorage, AK 99501
Telephone: 907.278.7637
Web Page: Unknown if still on ballot.

Florida Green Party- P.O. Box 10294 Pensacola, FL 32524-0294
Telephone: 850-474-1495
Web Page: On ballot.

A G/GPUSA affiliate. Iowa, Green Party of- Holly Hart P.O. Box 2448 Iowa City, IA 52244-2448
Telephone: (319) 337-7341
Web Page:

Texas Green Party- David Cobb 818 W.31st Street Houston, TX 77018 or Dennis Carter 810 Lamonte Houston, TX 77018
Web Page:

Undergoing a ballot-access drive. Green Party of Texas Statewide Convention, Sat., Mar 11, Houston 10 am-6 pm Hall, 2506 Sutherland. For information, call David Cobb at 713-880-3219 or email: for details.

States with Local Green Organizations

Alabama Green Party- 306 W. Rose Ave. Foley, AL 36535-2046
Telephone: 334-943-2900

Deleware- Green Party of Delaware, Winston Grizzard c/o Green Party of DE P O Box 6044 Wilmington, DE 19804
Telephone: (302) 892-2542

Illinois Green Party- P.O. Box 2201 Carbondale, IL 62902
A G/GPUSA affiliate.

Indiana, Green Party of- Pete Myers 744 Portage Avenue South Bend, IN 46616-1342 A G/GPUSA affiliate.
St. Joe Valley Greens- St. Joseph County South Bend, IN

Kansas, Green Party of- Rhoda Vanderhart
E-Mail: Kentucky,
Green Party of- Ken Sain 403-5 Riverside Drive Covington, KY 41011 (606) 261-3810
Web Page:
"Greens from all around Kentucky will decide on Feb. 13 which of the three Green presidential candidates they will support at this year's Association of State Green Parties national convention. Many Greens from around the state will gather in Covington on that day to officially start the Green Party of Kentucky by adopting bylaws and a constitution, and electing state officers. Then, those who are present will vote for their candidate for president in the 2000 election. Once that is decided, Kentucky Greens will begin the process of collecting the needed signatures to put that person's name on the Kentucky ballot next November. Since not every Kentucky Green can attend the Feb. 13 meeting, some will be allowed to place their votes through postal mail. However, voting is only open to Green Party members. With your vote, you must cut and paste the following, then answer each of the questions: Your name: Your full address: Your phone number: Do you agree with all 10 Key Values of the Green Party? Have you registered/re-registered as a member of the Green Party? Your answer to both questions must be yes for your ballot to count. And we will be verifying the responses mailed to us. Then, you can vote for one of the three candidates and mail your ballot to: see above. The three candidates are: Stephen Gaskin, Joel Kovel, and Ralph Nader. If you are a Jello supporter in Kentucky, you may be our only hope to win Kentucky. Please vote and have your friends vote for Jello Biafra on the 13th.

Louisiana, Green Party of- Jim Witcher, John Clark 4231 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70119
Telephone: (504) 482-4545

Maryland Green Party Organizing Committee- c/o Bob Auerbach, State Coordinator
Web Page:
Undergoing a ballot qualifying campaign.

Mississippi Green Party- Keith Wright 1014 Benbow Circle #7 Oxford, MS 38655
Telephone: 662-281-1291

Missouri, Green Party of- Dee Berry 412 E. 122nd Street Kansas City, MO 64145 Montana,

Green Party of- Lang Baker P.O. Box 425 Bozeman, Montana 59771

Nebraska, Green Party of- Hollis Glaser 1709 50th Street Omaha, Nebraska 68104
Telephone: 402-551-4112

New Hampshire Greens-
E-Mail: website:

North Carolina- The Orange County Greens of NC 1419F Crawford Dairy Rd. Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Oklahoma- Central Oklahoma Green Party in conjunction with the Tulsa-area Green Country Greens, they plan eventually to form a state-wide Green Party of Oklahoma.

Washington- Green Party of Seattle P.O. Box 95515 Seattle, WA 98145-2515
Telephone: (206)264-5110

States with no Green Party Contacts

North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

There are rumors of a Green Party local in Vermont and West Virginia.