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NOTE: There seems to be some confusion about my identity. I ( am not Jello Biafra.

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Greetings. This is the first update to the site in over a year. Although the forces of capitalism have not slowed, but have actually hastened, since September 11, 2001, the geopolitical climate has been turned completely on its head. Looking back at the Jello campaign, with the advantage of historical hindsight, I can no longer comfortably support electoral politics, including any of Jello Biafra's political stunts, as this is an exercise in legitimizing an illegitimate system. Furthermore, investing hope in a leader, regardless of how apparently progressive the leader may be, only serves to dilute democracy and create the potential for unaccountable corruption and tyranny. We have reached times that require an urgency extending beyond rigged ballots and straight into the streets of our cities.

In addition, without resorting to descriptive slander, I also have come to realize that the character of Jello Biafra is suspect. This point deserves no further discussion, and neither does the campaign of Jello Biafra for President.

None of the Above...