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Freedom of speech is absolute, Fuck You. See?

Posted By: Nick 04/06/00 at 21:07 HK

Today has, in a word, sucked. Nothing interesting apart from the mildly amusing posts up at eBeaver have graced my brain today. Everyone, you gotta admit, this was one dull Sunday. Also, I in particular have had a bad day and I'm wondering about how I'm gonna salvage my sanity from it... (don't take me seriously, I always talk stupidly when bored.)...

Posted By: Nick 03/06/00 at 13:07 HK

When Does Morality Meet Cold Necessity?

When will it reach the point when we are going to have to start throwing our "morals" to the wind for the sake of staying alive? What am I talking about? Birth control. We need less babies or less old people and since every human rights activist in the world would jump on you and beat the hell out of you for so much as suggesting that we either start forcing abortions or kill off the elderly, it would be very difficult to implement either plan. In truth, what do the elderly and the retired actually do for about 30 years before they die? Generally it's nothing productive and so all they are is one HUGE drag on society. And babies? Damn those spoilt little shits are annoying. How anyone can like babies (apart from the Punk Ass one with the mohawk that I saw yesterday)? So which alternative is more moral? Or perhaps there is a better alternative...

The Best Alternative, Yeah, let's all give thanks to Communist China for giving us- THE ONE CHILD POLICY. Yes! now we have a policy that will help cut down birth rates. If people are forced to only keep one child then they might be A LOT more careful about when they have it. But what's that you say? Some women enjoy the prospect of having 2 or 3 of the little bastards? in that case I would advise them to go here and read that article before they decide that they want to do the selfish thing and raise rich middle class children who will simply add to the misery of the world. Yes people we need to cut down our populations, we need space! Either we abandon this planet or we save it, at our current rate of technological progress I would imagine that we will have a better chance at escaping Earth rather than saving it. We've destroyed too many trees, filled the air with too much pollution... I could go on but the idea is an easy one to grasp. I mean, what do you guys think? Which do we need? A one child policy? Forced abortions to keep the population from rising? Or perhaps we should simply shoot the elderly when they retire and no longer serve society with a useful purpose... think about it.

Posted By: Nick 03/06/00 at 03:41 HK

it's 3:41 in the morning, I have been out with my friends and so forth, the expected police raid never happened. I wish those damn police would actually turn up when we were expecting them... ah well, there's always tomorrow....

Posted By: Nick 02/06/00 at 15:42 HK

Check out Joonas's site eBeaver and no, it's not porn.

When does this place lighten up? the Police raid is going to be later tonight. We're gonna laugh at them when they realise that none of us are breaking any laws. Also, I'm stealing Joonas's post code in the interests of making this site a but more presentable : P I know I'm a bastard : ) just to appease Joonas's ego I've changed a few details about his code so it's not complete plaguarism (sp?) ah well...
1st June 2000 : Bored
Hong Kong truly does suck when it comes to things to do. Don't ever be fooled by any of that tourist advertising, this city is the pits. It's starting to suck even more these days because the police don't like teenagers and are trying to revoke our right to have fun. I know why of course, there have been lots of worries about drugs in the area I live in. Some of it's true, there used to be one or two pot heads around but they're a thing of the past, no one does drugs these days. It's just too risky and too stupid. Still, we're expecting a raid anytime soon and apparently they're going to try and bust anyone drinking under age too. I don't know how they can, HK law only allows the shop that sells the alcohol to minors to prosecuted, what basis the police have to raid us on I don't know. Still it should be interesting to watch.
31st May 2000 : Just Waiting
Last little post of the day, if you can stand the profanity watch this it's so funny I almost died laughing.
Back in the local Coffee shop, it's so hot outside I can't bear it, I'm still waiting for login information from undenied.org so I can move everything in. I spent last night making edited copies of all the code on this site with all internal links changed to suit the new domain. It took a couple of hours but what the hell, I haven't got anything better to do. I got rid of the little random image thingies at the top cos they were too big for convenience. I'm despairing at the human race again, I came in here and saw a couple of my friends trying to revise, 'trying' being the operative word. Only one of them was really taking their work seriously. They've been living in this middle class carefree rich haven for so long their minds are atrophied and they themselves are dependent on MTV and pop-'culture', sickening as it is, it's not my problem. If anyone wants to know, the reason that I put that goth quote generator there is cos I find it funny, it's humourus to see how much wierd bullshit that thing spouts.
30th May 2000 : Yeah, I Found Something Interesting
The hosting thing is a genuine offer, which rocks! and I just found the most hilarious thing, Click Here to Jesusfy this site, it's gotta be the funniest thing ever! I gotta try this with the stile project!
Ok everybody check this out! in the guestbook the owner of undenied.org has left a message offering to host me, I think this rocks! I need a better server than angelfire anyway. I've just emailed them to confirm the offer and if everything works out then the site will be moving. I hope it all works out.
That's right, I found something that was interesting to do for a few minutes, I went to thespark.com and took a few of the tests there and now just for the hell of it I'm going to publish the results:

  1. Bastard Test: 23% Yeah, I'm a nice guy : )

  2. Greed Test: 39% and I'm not greedy.

  3. Un-Telligence Test: This one is sort of like about how street wise you are, I scored 71% which, apparently, is very high.

  4. Purity Test: 57% damn, someone hot come and de-flower this young man... *j*

29th May 2000 : Mondays Are Almost As Bad
From Louise,

Nasty World Records

    Michelle Monahan had 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.

    Maoni Vi of Cape Town has hair measuring 32 inches from the armpits and 28 inches from her vagina.

    Linda Manning of Los Angeles could, without preparation, completely insert a lubricated American football into her vagina.

    In July 1987, Carl Chadwick of Rugby, England, squeezed a zit and projected a detectable amount of yellow pus a distance of 7ft 1inch.

    The most horrible drink to be considered a beverage and safely drunk is Khoona. It is drunk by Afghani tribes men on their wedding night and consists of a small amount of still-warm very recently attained bull semen. It is believed to be a potent aphrodisiac.

    This is available from a few select bars in New York. It contains tomato juice, a double shot of vodka, a spoonful of French mustard and a dash of lime. It is not mixed, but served with a tampon (unused)instead of a cocktail umbrella and is known as a Cunt Pump'.

    Horst Schultz achieved 18 ft 9 in with a 'substantial' amount of seminal fluid. He also hold the records for the greatest height (12ft 4in) and the greatest speed of ejaculation, or muzzle velocity, with 42.7mph.

    The longest dump ever verified was produced by an American, who produced a staggering turd' over a period of 2 hr 12 mins which was officially measured at 12 ft 2in. The offender is banned from 134 washrooms in his state.

    Bernard Clemmens of London managed to sustain a fart for an officially recorded time of 2 mins 42 seconds.

I've just added the latest features I could find that look at least mildly amusing. "Tina The Troubled Teen" and "Hellweather", Tina's the girl in black and Hellweather is self explanatory. I hope they're worth it, it took a whole 3 minutes to get the code and login to angelfire to make this post possible... maybe I should put some ad banners up and make a few cents... Just for this week I'm gonna stick a "Goth Quote Generator" here too, why not? all this little things say something different every day apparently.

A Quote

Mondays are terrible things. Considering it's 1:47am I realise that I haven't had to face the day as such yet, but I'm going to have to eventually. I'm still waiting for Joonas to get off his lazy ass and actually do some work around here! However there is still a certain dread that only mondays can provoke, oh well, at least it isn't Sunday anymore. I just looked at and read over last week. It was a long week I guess. It seems that there is more content every new week than the previous... hmmm... I need something exciting to happen. Until then go read last week.

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