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Whenever possible, try to use the excuse "It seemed like a good idea at the time".

Posted By: Nick 11/06/00 at 23:27 HK

Already a discussion has started at the Message Board, Thank you very much for the suggestion Jimbo. Also I'm happy to say that the current poll is in my favour with something like 42% of the vote saying that I'm one sexy bastard. Niall, I know you're my friend but I sure as hell hope you didn't vote that I'm a sexy bastard 5 times!

Posted By: Nick 11/06/00 at 20:38 HK

Ask, and ye shall recieve...

Posted By: Nick 11/06/00 at 18:52 HK

Just to let everyone know, the message board will be up later today, probably in an hour or so.

Posted By: Nick 11/06/00 at 18:32 HK

Yes, I do actually read the guestbook and today is the first time I've ever had positive criticism in there.

"So what would happen if it became "cool" for people to be smart, to have an interest in actually learning and not just wasting their lives watching T.V? I assume grades would start going up. Then the stupid would be the outcasts and perhaps there would be less of them."

Interesting thoughts. Maybe some people, those who oppose all popular movements may again, try to be 'different' and 'mould' themselves to be the 'stupid'.

Very possibly but considering that the main reason for their dislike of the 'popular movement' is because of it's promotion of ignorance I think it's likely that they would embrace the change in general attitude.

Isnt this the 'real' popular movement? The trend to seek to be different? Question: Who would the bigger waste be- the trend follower or the trend setter?

Personally I think that a person shouldn't exactly need to put any effort into being different because individuals are all different to greater or lesser degrees. Pop-culture as it is coddled and matured by the corporate machine is designed to try and iron out this difference in people. Big Business does not want individuals, it wants consumers.

Also I don't believe in trends, I'm not saying they don't exist I just fail to see the point in them, I would imagine that the trend follower would be a bigger waste because by simply following the trend blindly as they so often do, it shows just how lame and unimaginative they are. Trends come in many forms as I'm sure anyone who reads this page knows. Wearing certain brands, certain styles of clothing, our opinions, watching (or in my case not watching) T.V. They are all trends and just to put forward another thing.

Can Anyone Actually Remember Who Coined The Term Generation X?

As I recall it wasn't anyone our age was it?

BTW I think a message board would be good to start discussions going here. Just a suggestion.

I like this weeks page- much better than past weeks, more content and more interesting. Nice Work, good development.

A message board? Good Idea, I'll announce it when it's up.



Posted By: Nick 10/06/00 at 16:26 HK

20 days till I leave and I still haven't worked out what I'm going to do during the time I'm in England when I won't be able to get access to a computer. As soon as I get a net connected computer I'll do a massive update on anything I've been thinking about in the mean time. Or I'll just get bored, I'm currently worrying about the fact that tomorrow is indeed sunday, shockl and horror and so forth, I'm scared of sundays because they bore me to death : P

Posted By: Nick 09/06/00 at 17:35 HK

Every now and again I come to wonder why I'm here, why I or anyone else is alive and or what purpose. It's fun to think that we might actually be important for some divine or purely egotistic reason but I very much doubt that it is true. So perhaps we are all here by pure accident. I certainly know that if I was god I'd never have allowed the human race to get past the industrial revolution without some major prophecising about just how long we'd survive afterwards.

We are now entering the 21st century (according to the Julian Calendar) and no-one really knows what to do about it. Our current squandering of resources will eventually cripple both us and the planet and if something isn't done to prevent or at least alleviate the effects of this global crash we will probably all die.

Welcome to Pessimism for Beginners

The world as we know it is going to die, probably sooner than later. We cannot simply evade our responsibilities by leaving our problems to the next generation and just generally not giving a shit. We are going to have to start on a solution preferably sooner than later and work out just how we're going to avoid our own extinction.

Several ideas present themselves, almost all are idealistic and almost none are practical.

  1. The introduction of a global One Child Policy to reduce population and therefore reduce the consumption of resources and prolong global economic and ecological collapse whilst better solutions are worked on.

  2. The Colonisation of Mars (now this would be difficult). To colonise Mars we would first need to give the planet and atmosphere capable of supporting human life. It is assumed that this could be possible by simply dumping the more necessary chemicals used in our own atmosphere into Mars and then growing plant life for Oxygen. Problems include watering the plants and working out the exact measures for providing somewhere for humans to exist until the outside is safe to live in. Ideas for this include the use of Bio-domes for human life until Mars is acceptable on the surface for our respiratory systems. Once again, an interesting thought but near impossible.

  3. A MASSIVE leap forward in Oil synthesis technology and renewable energy sources. Energy sources such as solar, tidal, geothermal, wind and hydroelectric need to be improved immensely in regard to their efficiency before they could adequetely replace fossil fuels. Failing that we'll have to resort to Nuclear.

  4. A kind of world state single government that works pretty much like Aldous Huxleys Brave New World.

That's all I can think of so far, the fact is, unless something is done soon, our children are going to have an even harder time. I can't even imagine there being human life anymore by the year 3000.

Posted By: Nick 09/06/00 at 00:29 HK

I changed the poll question, please vote accordingly : P

Posted By: Nick 07/06/00 at 18:06 HK

Popular Media and it's Effect on the Young

Personally I've come to think of the popular media as an enemy, it corrupts people. Actually it moulds them, another part of the corporate machine trying to turn everyone into happy employees with no idea of what really goes on. Or it does something close to the opposite, it devolves our minds and turns us into MTV worshipping sitcom whores. Why do I think this?

Well think about it. What does the popular media tend to promote other than itself? Whatever is cool according to the rest of the media giants and pop-"culture". Right now it's not cool to be smart or intellectual because intellectuals don't consume as much as Mall going "Valley Girls" or Mall going "Jocks". Because of this the popular media encourages people to think of intelligence as a curse rather than a gift and it turns out people who go "Whatever!!" and make W shapes with their hands. Because of this the intelligent who actually enjoy reading or thinking in general are portrayed as "uncool" by the popular media and "uncool" people become outcast by society, no-one wants to be an outcast so people sacrifice their intelligence so that they can be "part of the group". And what is currently happening all over the world? grades or marks or exam results, however you like to put it, are going down. Funnily enough this is especially apparent in the U.S where some states have made spelling tests illegal because it "damages the students egos when they fail". Note, it's not if they fail it's when they fail. This in itself should be a fairly good indication of what is happening to education. Ask any employer (I asked my dad about it) and they will tell you that anything below a Masters degree from America is worthless. Unfortunately it's not much better in England either. The average A level grade there is somewhere between an E or a D. In America no one fails because they're grades are Pass, Credit and Distinction. So what would happen if it became "cool" for people to be smart, to have an interest in actually learning and not just wasting their lives watching T.V? I assume grades would start going up. Then the stupid would be the outcasts and perhaps there would be less of them.

Just a thought really...

Posted By: Nick 07/06/00 at 13:13 HK

Maths exam in 10 minutes, damn this exam thing is stressful!

Posted By: Nick 06/06/00 at 22:46 HK

I want to change the poll question... any ideas?

Posted By: Nick 06/06/00 at 17:56 HK

The exam was ok. Some hard q's in there but nothing too hard. Things are looking up...

I've often wondered over the last couple of weeks if anyone reads this site daily and if they do... why? I try to think of interesting things to write about. I still think a global one child policy could do a lot of good and general awareness of the risks and consequences of having children should be raised also I'd like to think that everyone is basically good at heart but after having done GCSE history for 2 years I'm inclined to feel that the human race is a species of sneaky, vindictive, selfish bastards not worth the air that we waste with breath. I could be wrong though.

Posted By: Nick 05/06/00 at 18:56 HK



Posted By: Nick 05/06/00 at 14:49 HK

Mondays always suck. We have our science exam tomorrow and I'm seriously nervous about it. I hate science, I can never remember all those damn equations and the rest of the various little facts and theories we're supposed to know. Ah well... at least we had a fun weekend... I like coffee shops...

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